Top 10 Unexplained Modern Paranormal Phenomena You've Never Heard Of

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

Bigfoot? Sure... UFOs? All right. We're positive that you've very familiar with these even if you aren't a fan of paranormal occurrences and urban legends. But here's a top 10 list of baffling phenomena that you've never heard of before. Sure, these have never been proven, but they've also never been disproven, which makes them some of the weirdest stories you'll ever hear.

1. Black Eyed Children

Black Eyed Children
Nope, this isn't the latest goth kid fashion trend. In 1998, Brian Bethel was approached by two boys. He was in his car as it happened, and these boys scared him to death when he saw their pitch black eyes. He felt a terrifying chill while they were approaching, as if he was being controlled by them to open the car doors. He managed to drive away as fast as he could. Since then, there have been different reports of these supernatural black eyed kids popping up out of nowhere and inducing fear into the hearts of strangers.

2. PANic in the Forests

PANic in the Forests
Sure, forests are a hotbed of supernatural events, but did you know that the PANic phenomenon has been linked to the Greek God Pan, the protector of the forests? It has been said that his presence in the woods causes terror and hysteria and that it can be felt if you walk around the woods alone at night. The forest can become really quiet and cold; you could experience fear and later, a weird buzzing noise. This could happen to anyone!

3. Dog-Headed Men

Dog-Headed Men
These creatures go way back. Supposedly, the Cynocephali were an ancient race of cannibalistic dog-headed men which were first spotted in Africa thousands of years ago. However, the number of recent sightings has increased, and they've been spotted on open roads and in empty forests at night.

4. Giant Raptors

Giant Raptors
Witnesses have reported that the wingspans of these giant birds were between 12 and 18 ft. They've been spotted in Oklahoma and Kansas. These monsters are up to 5 ft tall and they smell of rotten meat. Most witnesses have seen them from far away while hearing their disturbingly scary cries. Could these creatures be members of an ancient immortal race of giant birds?

5. Shadow People

Shadow People
This one will make you scared of the dark like back when you were still a kid. These dark figures have been known to appear suddenly and disappear. Only their presence is seen and felt, but they don't seem violent. These black shadows just lurk in dark streets, rooms, and they can appear to you while you're sleeping. But after that, they just vanish.

6. Black Stickmen

Black Stickmen
These are not to be confused with shadow people, but they have been seen at sundown or dawn. They are two-dimensional, like a drawing that has come to life, and some even wear top hats. As with the shadow people, they seem to come out of nowhere and disappear pretty quickly. However, there have been reports that these bizarre figures could also chase the witnesses.

7. Time Jumps

Time Jumps
These have been classified as close encounters and moments when the world shifts between other dimensions. Even though experiencing time jumps might sound like a case of dementia, there have been reports of people setting out on a journey and then covering an extraordinary amount of distance in just a couple of minutes. Could these be some strange sorts of dimensional warps?

8. Doppelgangers

Doppelgangers, Vardogers, Fetch or Doubles, have been seen since ancient times. They seem to pop out of nowhere, and the person who sees them feels like they see their reflection. It has been said that they signify death. Many have seen them, including Abe Lincoln.

9. Little Creatures

Little Creatures
Homo floresiensis was an actual ancient race of Hobbit people whose existence has been proven by science. The excavated fossils were as short as 9 inches. Recently, there have been different reports of small creatures popping up all over Iceland, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But these are no peaceful hobbits; they can paralyze their victims before escaping and stealing their possessions. Could there be a connection between the recent sightings and this ancient race of real-life hobbits?

10. The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra
We're sure that many have heard this name before in movies, but the story behind this anomaly is unknown to many. This creature was spotted in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and in the US during the 90's. The creature is a dog with extremely long teeth - in Spanish, it's name means "goat sucker." There have been reports of this weird anomaly attacking cattle at farms and sucking their blood until they die. Several videos and photos of the creatures as well as their carcasses also exist.
Top 10 Unexplained Modern Paranormal Phenomena You've Never Heard Of
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