This Man Claims He’s a Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years in 2749

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Will humans ever be able to travel through time? What if that has already happened, and we never knew about it?

A man called Al Bielek shared an incredible story about his experience. Bielek said that he manages to travel into the future and that he has seen everything. According to him, he was away for six weeks on his first trip, and for two whole years for his second trip through time. So which years did he go do and what did he see during the experience? Bielek returned safely, but he returned with a message that we all have to hear.

1. The Secret Montauk Project

The Secret Montauk Project
Al Bielek and Duncan, his brother, were part of the Montauk Project, a secret project of the United States government.

The project was allegedly developing methods and techniques for psychological warfare, weapons, along with other unusual research, which included mind control and time travel. This is how Al and his brother traveled through time.

2. The Boat That Took Them to the Future

The Boat That Took Them to the Future
Allegedly, they used this boat to get to the future. The USS Eldridge was the boat that Al jumped off of in 1943.

According to Al, it happened on August 13, which is an important date. It's the date of the Philadelphia Experiment.


The projects were top secret and Al says he time traveled at least twice.

He arrived in the year 2749, Al suddenly woke up and he was in a hospital. He claims that the doctors used new light treatment and vibrational methods and that medicine has evolved a lot in the future.

4. Everything Was Very Different

Everything Was Very Different
What about the cities in the future? They were not the same.

Bielek says there were floating cities. Allegedly, they could be moved to different parts of the planet. Some of them were 2,5 miles high. He claimed that research of antigravity has evolved and that's how these new cities were built.

5. The World's Population Changed a Lot

The World's Population Changed a Lot
The population was much smaller around the world. He learned that worldwide, the entire population was only 300 million. That's a 95 percent decline from today.

According to Al, in 2749, the United States was only made up of fifty million citizens.

6. Wars Were Long Gone

Wars Were Long Gone
The people in the future told him that there was a big war between the Russians/Chinese and US/Europe. Was this WWIII?

But in the time he was at, in 2749, he learned that wars were impossible. There was no military. There were no soldiers, the air force and the navy didn't exist anymore.

7. Men Didn't Run the World

Men Didn't Run the World
The governments of the world as we know them were gone. According to Bielek, there was a computer that was capable of artificial intelligence.

It was so powerful that it ran everything, and it was built in the 26th century.

8. We Lived in a Socialist Society

We Lived in a Socialist Society
And Bielek says that socialism worked for everyone. Allegedly, there was no need for money and material possessions were not as important as they are now.

Everybody had their own "credits", which would allow them to "buy" anything they wanted.

9. What About the Planet?

What About the Planet?
Bielek says that in the future, pole shifting started to happen.

A pole reversal was stopped by a new method which involved installing an artificial structure that was specially designed to stop the collapse.

10. The Climate Changed Everything

The Climate Changed Everything
Drastic climate changes led to changes in the geography of our planet.

Allegedly, the coastlines of the continents were changed. The water level was much higher, and most of the state of Florida was gone.

11. Lastly, There Was No No Reality TV

Lastly, There Was No No Reality TV
When people watched television, most of the TV programs were educational. People were highly practical and they evolved a lot.

They were rational and didn't have a thirst for money. Bielek says that he was impressed with the new society, even though it looked like there were some major changes.
This Man Claims He’s a Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years in 2749
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