The Worst of the Worst: Top 12 Architectural Monstrosities of the World

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

The world is full of great architecture but it also has its fair share of the worst failures that can really stand out like a needle in a haystack. So, prepare for the hideous, prepare for the moronic, and most of all, prepare yourselves for the weirdest works of architecture from these blindly ambitious designers!

1. Malaysia’s First World Hotel

Malaysia’s First World Hotel
This building looks like a giant parrot! It's ugly from the inside too, the rooms are too small and the hotel is actually a casino. Did we mention that this mutant is located on an isolated mountain in the middle of the Malaysian jungle?

2. Penn Station

Penn Station
The rebuilding of Penn Station in NYC was a major flop if you pay attention to how it used to look like. The new station is dull, generic and totally unworthy of replacing this work of art. What a tragedy!

3. The Tianzi Hotel

The Tianzi Hotel
Even though the Tianzi Hotel in China holds a place in the Guinness book of records, these three giant gods have changed the landscape of this city. Apparently, the facade of the building isn't very durable and the faces of the gods look like they are falling apart.

4. Hotel Ryugyong

Hotel Ryugyong
105 stories high, this hotel in North Korea really sticks out from the rest of the capital, Pyongyang. Its construction started in 1987 and the exterior was not finished until 2011, and worst of all: the place is still not open for business!

5. 74380 Palo Verde Drive

74380 Palo Verde Drive
This is an actual interior of a house in Indian Wells, California. There is way too much detail to even process, but it most definitely is not a set design from Back to the Future Part 2. And the price? A whopping $11 million.

6. 3121 Antelo Rd

3121 Antelo Rd
Nope, you're not seeing a snapshot of a soon to be released VR video game. This bedroom of a seemingly ordinary Bel Air mansion is totally crazy and we're not sure if it's a flop or a hit!

7. 1010 HillDale Ave

1010 HillDale Ave
Redecorate and cover your walls and ceilings in plaid? Not so clever...

8. Freedom Cove

Freedom Cove
This came together when two Floridians wanted to create their own island in the middle of nowhere. They chose British Columbia and ended up with something that looks like a theme park! Ridiculous!

9. MIT’s Strata Center

MIT’s Strata Center
This building defies the laws of common sense! MIT’s Strata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts is part of the institute and it's just over-the-top weird! Did we mention that the interior is like a maze?

10. The De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel

The De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel
The De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton, England, looks just like any run out-of-the-mill hotel, however, it also looks like it has a GIANT PYRAMID growing out of it! What were they thinking?

11. The Villa Faberge

The Villa Faberge
If you have $15 million to spare, you can buy this mansion in Newport Beach, California. However, it would be a waste of your money because it looks like a bunch of architects worked separately on the same thing and made the tackiest thing in the world.

12. The Longaberger Company Headquarters

The Longaberger Company Headquarters
A woven basket company from Newark, Ohio is responsible for this huge add. This is also a building and the main office of the company! Even though it sticks out in what looks like a nice natural landscape, we've got to give them credit for being clever.
The Worst of the Worst: Top 12 Architectural Monstrosities of the World
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