Cape Breton Island in Canada Will Give You a Job and a Plot of Land if You Move There

Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Amazing things apparently do happen, especially in Canada. Cape Breton Island is a lovely piece of land, with only one problem - too few people live there. So the local authorities have come up with a neat plan how to raise the population!

1. Landscape from a Fairy Tale

Landscape from a Fairy Tale
When you see such a beautiful image that seems like it has been taken straight from a picture book, you start to wonder about the lucky people who got the chance to live there - actually, there's only 800 of them!

2. Diminishing Numbers

Diminishing Numbers
But don't get the wrong impression, the island is not exclusive or unobtainable. Although the land is rich and beautiful, people started to move in order to search for their fortune in more urban places. And that is when the locals came up with a brilliant idea!

3. Farmer’s Daughter with a Brilliant Idea

Farmer’s Daughter with a Brilliant Idea
Small corporate development just couldn't do the trick anymore, and that is when two female "The Farmer’s Daughter" owners thought of a nifty plan in order to attract more people to the island.

4. The Offer

The Offer
They offered jobs and free land to anyone willing to come to the beautiful island!

5. All the Perks

All the Perks
Should you get hired, you will immediately get a plot of land of 2 acres and an hourly pay of $12.

6. But There's a Catch!

But There's a Catch!
At this moment, around 2000 people are on the waiting list for this unique opportunity of a new life on Cape Breton!

7. A Clean Slate

A Clean Slate
The land you will be coming to live on is completely bare - you would need to build some form of a shelter, like a cabin or a small house.

8. Game-Changing Period

Game-Changing Period
So if you are an outdoorsy, nature-loving person, this adventure basically has your name written all over it, because if you manage to stay on the island for 5 years, everything that was given to you in order to start your life there will be legally yours!

9. Downsides

Since your potential household would be located too far away, electricity would present a problem, and you would have to use alternative sources of energy like solar power. But there's an upside because you would be preserving the environment.

10. The Sordid Topic of Coin?!

The Sordid Topic of Coin?!
Probably the biggest issue with this plan is the fact that after the five-year "trial" period, you would have to pay a fee (that is unspecified) in order to become the sole owner of the property. As it turns out, nothing in life is free, or it is, but just for the first five years!

11. It's up to You

It's up to You
Ultimately, if you are hungry for a simpler life that would be completely in tune with nature, with a bit of luck, that dream just may come true for you on Cape Breton Island.
Cape Breton Island in Canada Will Give You a Job and a Plot of Land if You Move There
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