25 Bizarre Coincidences That Will Give You Goosebumps

Posted on May 03, 2016

The coincidences on this list will make you question the existence of fate, or they'll just make you shiver.If you love history, you're probably familiar with the main events and key figures that shaped our past and present. Even if you don't like it, you've probably learned some of the main topics in school or through movies.

Even though you can study a specific subject in great detail and even if you think that you know everything about it, you need to open your mind and look at the bigger picture. There are some coincidences in history that rarely get mentioned but that are completely mind blowing. You were probably never aware that these things in history happened at the same time.

The coincidences on this list will make you question the existence of fate, or they'll just make you shiver.

1. Two Photos Blurred in One

Two Photos Blurred in One
Photo: pinterest.com
In 1924, mother made a photo of her son and since the war started, she couldn't develop it. Two years later, she took another plate and made a photo of her daughter.

She found out that her daughter's photo was double exposed on top of her son's photo she made two years ago.

During the war, photo plates were often reused and that might be the clue to solving the mystery of this scary blurred photo.

2. Detroit, Around 1930

Detroit, Around 1930
Photo: i.ytimg.com
A baby was falling out of the window. But then something strange happened.

It was unharmed because it fell right onto Joseph Figlock, an average guy who was just doing his job, cleaning the street floor. Both of them were unharmed.

3. Hoover Dam Project

Hoover Dam Project
Photo: listosaur.com
There were 112 people that died working on this project.

First one, J. G. Tierney, died on 20th December of 1922 and the last person also died on 20th December of 1935.

But the weird thing here is that the second guy was Tierney's son.

4. First and Last British Soldier from World War I

First and Last British Soldier from World War I
Photo: mirror.co.uk
The first and the last British soldiers to die in WWI were buried very closely to each other.

This photo shows how they were buried, 7 yards away from each other, and this is how their graves were positioned.

5. South African Astronomer, Danie Du Toit

South African Astronomer, Danie Du Toit
Photo: img.aws.livestrongcdn.com
At the age of 49, Danie Du Toit said that death could come anytime and unexpectedly.

Surprisingly, he then popped a peppermint in his mouth and before he knew it, he was dead from choking. What a weird coincidence and a cruel fate.

6. Only Two Cars in Ohio, 1895

Only Two Cars in Ohio, 1895
Photo: 41.media.tumblr.com
Back in 1895, for the whole area of Ohio, these were the only two existing cars.

You'll be left in wonder when you find out that the drivers of those two cars actually managed to crash into each other. Coincidentally, this was one of the first car collisions in history.

7. Deus Ex Video Game

Deus Ex Video Game
Photo: cdn7.viralscape.com
During the production of this game in 2000, artists forgot to add an important detail to NYC.

They forgot to include the Twin Towers to New York's skyline. Many conspiracy theories after that emerged.

8. American Novelist Anne Parish

American Novelist Anne Parish
Photo: fasab.files.wordpress.com
The notable American writer produced several important works such as 'The Dream Coach.'

However, in 1920, she found her childhood book in a bookstore in Paris. The book had her signature and inscription: "Anne Parish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs".

9. Violet Jessop, the Nurse

Violet Jessop, the Nurse
Photo: boroughsofthedead.com
This nurse was often at sea and she was on several vessels that went down.

She was on RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic that were all hit, the first one by an iceberg, the second one by HMS Hawke and the third one by a mine. She survived all of those accidents.

10. Franz Ferdinand's Car

Franz Ferdinand's Car
Photo: i0.wp.com
See the license plate? If you're a true history buff, you'll be able to tell what's strange about it.

Well, it is the code of the ending of the war. The war ended with an Armistice on November 11, 1918, or 11.11.18.

11. The Double Life of Patricia Ann Campbell

The Double Life of Patricia Ann Campbell
Photo: static.topyaps.com
It all started with the same social security number.

Then two women found out they also shared the same name, they shared a birthday (13th of March) as well as their birth year (1941), both had the father named Robert Campbell.

And both of them got married to soldiers in 1959, with whom they had two children aged 19 and 21.

12. Hendrix and Handel

Hendrix and Handel
Photo: pbs.twimg.com
It seems that these two iconic musicians were neighbors, only two centuries apart.

They lived on Brook Street in London and their street numbers were 23 and 25.

13. The Omen, 1976

The Omen, 1976
Photo: imgur.com
A private jet pilot that was hired by a film crew canceled the flight at the last minute. Then, he crashed a jet into the car of his own wife.

His children too were in the car, and all of them died.

14. Fishermen Mark Anderson, Andrew Leaper and a Message in a Bottle

Fishermen Mark Anderson, Andrew Leaper and a Message in a Bottle
Photo: i.dailymail.co.uk
In 2006, Mark Anderson was fishing and then he saw something strange.

He found a 92-year-old message in a bottle.

But in 2012, another fisherman, Andrew Leaper also found a 98-year-old message.

15. West Side Baptist Church, Nebraska

West Side Baptist Church, Nebraska
Photo: bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com
An accidental gas explosion demolished a church in Beatrice, Nebraska in 1950.

However, the whole church choir avoided the explosion in the church thanks to strange circumstances and the members were not harmed.

How did they manage to survive? They were all late for their rehearsal!

16. Two Bicycles, a Highway and a Truck

Two Bicycles, a Highway and a Truck
Photo: gtkp.com
In Finland, two elderly gentlemen were riding their bikes. The two men were twins and they were 72 years old.

However, they were riding their bikes on the same road but were far away from each other.

The first twin got hit by a truck and died. And two hours later, the other twin was also hit by a truck. It was a different truck, but the second twin also died.

17. Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams
Photo: thescuttlefish.com
So, there were three shipwrecks, in 1660, 1767 and 1820, and the only survivor in all of these was named Hugh Williams.

It wasn't some immortal expert sailor, it was 3 different people with the same name.

18. Catherine Eddowes and Marry Kelly

Catherine Eddowes and Marry Kelly
Photo: imgur.com
On the September 29th, Catherine Eddowes was arrested for being drunk and later that night, one hour after midnight, she was sober enough so the police could let her go.

She gave the police officer a false name - Marry Kelly. But then, she was murdered by none other than Jack the Ripper during the same night.

The weird thing is that Jack the Ripper's last victim was also named Marry Kelly.

19. The Girl from Petrovka

The Girl from Petrovka
Photo: 36.media.tumblr.com
In order to prepare for the starring role in this film, Anthony Hopkins wanted to read the book 'The Girl from Petrovka.'

And then he found one on the bench accidentally. The writer, George Feifer, said that he couldn't find a copy of the book because his friend lost it in London.

The one that Hopkins found had writer's annotations in it, and it was the same book that writer loaned to his friend from London.

20. Romulus Augustus

Romulus Augustus
Photo: cdn3.historyextra.com
If you like ancient Rome, you probably know that the founder of Rome was Romulus.

You probably also know that the first emperor of the Roman Empire was Augustus.

However, you probably overlooked the fact that the one who ended the ruling family was Romulus Augustus.

21. The Double Life of Umberto, Part 2

The Double Life of Umberto, Part 2
Photo: brigittegastelancestry.com
When King Umberto I from Italy entered a restaurant, he found out that the owner of the place was also named Umberto.

Then, he found out some more weird coincidences.

He learned that he shared his birthday with the owner (they were born in 1844, on March 14) and that they both got married to women named Margarita. But it didn't stop there, King Umberto learned that the restaurant was opened to the public on the same date when his coronation took place. And sadly, they both died in a shooting the day after they met.

22. Brothers Killed by a Same Taxi Driver

Brothers Killed by a Same Taxi Driver
Photo: skeptics.stackexchange.com
Here is another coincidence about brothers. Erskine was hit by a cab and he died. A year before that, Neville was also hit by the same cab and he died. But the other details in this newspaper cutout are simply insane!

23. Barack Obama and 666

Barack Obama and 666
Photo: 2.bp.blogspot.com
The winning lottery combination in Illinois just a day after Obama won the elections in 2008 was 6 6 6.

24. Tamerlane's Prophecy

Tamerlane's Prophecy
Photo: imgur.com
Soviet archaeologist opened the Tamerlane's tomb and found a message which predicted the Barbarossa operation:

"Whomsoever open my tomb shall unleash an enemy more terrible than I."

25. Professor Marvel and Writer of 'Oz', L. Frank Baum

Professor Marvel and Writer of 'Oz', L. Frank Baum
Photo: imgur.com
The coat that was used as a costume of professor Marvel was bought in a second-hand shop and actually belonged to the writer of "Wizard of Oz", L. Frank Baum.
25 Bizarre Coincidences That Will Give You Goosebumps
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