A Fire Broke Out in This Mining Town in Pennsylvania and Hasn’t Stopped Since 1961

Posted on Oct 20, 2016

This town is still not a real ghost town because people live there... Less than 10, though. It started burning more than 50 years ago and experts say this might last up to 250 more.

1. Not Even 10

Not Even 10
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Not even 10 people left in Centralia, Pennsylvania so it's almost a ghost town.

2. Mining

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This used to be a mining town and at its peak had more than 2,000 people, however, people had to relocate around 50 years ago.

3. The Reason for Relocation

The Reason for Relocation
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54 years ago, the town's underground and land started to burn, and people had to flee.

4. The Initial Plan

The Initial Plan
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At first, the fire started in 1961 because the townspeople wanted to burn the landfill. That's when the unthinkable happened.

5. Underground Tunnels

Underground Tunnels
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What the people didn't know was that there was a mine pit under the landfill and that it was connected with a lot of coal filled tunnels that run under the city. That's when the huge fire destroyed parts of the town.

6. Fire

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People put out the fire above the ground, but they were powerless when it comes to the one under the ground.

7. The Fire Spread

The Fire Spread
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The fire started to spread deep under the surface and it covered a huge stretch of eight miles. That's when the ground started to open and sink holes that released gasses started to appear in people's yards.

8. People Stayed

People Stayed
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Even though all of this happened, some people decided to stay.

9. Sink Hole

Sink Hole
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A 12-year-old child almost died when a sink hole opened up right where he was standing. He was lucky enough to manage to grab a tree root and a cousin helped him get out.

10. "Enough Is Enough"

"Enough Is Enough"
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After that, combined with increased carbon monoxide levels, many decided to leave.

11. Nowadays

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Nowadays, there's still smoke and sink holes in the town. Teens from areas around the town come to Centralia because of it's ghost town appeal.

12. Some Stay

Some Stay
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Some people stay loyal to Centralia and still live there. In 2013, there were 7 of them. They try not to allow their town to be removed from the map. However, experts say that this fire could live for up to 250 years.

13. And Here's a Video Footage of the Town for Those Interested

A Fire Broke Out in This Mining Town in Pennsylvania and Hasn’t Stopped Since 1961
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