A Brave Boy from China Sacrificed His Life to Save His Dying Mother (12 Pics)

Posted on May 25, 2016

Parents would do anything for their children, including giving their lives save them. However, the story of this boy from China is completely different.

1. A Fatal Disease in Childhood

A Fatal Disease in Childhood
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When Chen Xiaotian was just 7 years old, he got a fatal brain tumor. The tumor was malignant.

2. Unlucky

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When Chen was diagnosed with a tumor, his 34-year-old mother, Zhou, was diagnosed with kidney failure.

3. Double Struggle

Double Struggle
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Both of them were in the same hospital together, struggling with their illnesses.

4. There Was Some Hope

There Was Some Hope
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There was hope when the doctors said Chen had a chance of recovering. However, after a while, the tumor got worse, and it started to spread.

5. He Was like a Candle in the Wind

He Was like a Candle in the Wind
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The boy became paralyzed and lost his sight. His life was slowly fading.

6. It Was Getting Worse

It Was Getting Worse
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Zhou's condition was getting worse, and she needed an urgent transplant. If the mother didn't get a new kidney, she would die.

7. The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice
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After a lot of thinking, the doctors proposed a solution. But it wasn't pleasant. Chen could be the savior of his mother's life.

8. Sweet Little Angel

Sweet Little Angel
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Little Chen begged his mother to take his kidneys so she could live. She didn't want to do this at first, but in the end, she agreed.

9. The Little Hero

The Little Hero
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The operation worked, but after a few days, poor little Chen died. The doctors reacted immediately, and they saved his organs.

10. He Saved Many

He Saved Many
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His kidneys, liver, and other organs could be saved. The organs were donated to patients in need. He saved many lives.

11. Last Respects

Last Respects
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After a moment of silence, the doctors paid their respects to this angel and his sacrifice.

12. A Mother's Solace

A Mother's Solace
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Her son left her, but he gave her the gift of life. Nobody knows what this feels like. Zhou said that her only solace is that in a way, a part of him is living inside of her.
A Brave Boy from China Sacrificed His Life to Save His Dying Mother (12 Pics)
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