Top 13 Inexplicable but True Stories

Posted on Mar 15, 2016

These are some of the most bizarre true stories ever. The mysteries of most of these have never been solved.

1. Ghostly Car Crash - December 11th, 2002

Ghostly Car Crash - December 11th, 2002
Two bikers called the police to report witnessing a car crash. According to them, a car was swerving off a road with headlights blazing. A police investigation discovered later that a car was concealed under some shrubs. They found the driver, Christopher Chander, and discovered that he had been dead for a long time. It turns out that the car crash occurred 5 months earlier when he was reported missing by his own brother.

2. The Balloon Sisters - June 2001

The Balloon Sisters - June 2001
That summer, Laura Buxton released a helium balloon in Staffordshire. She attached her own name, address, and a written note to it. The note asked the person who finds it to write back to her. Ten days later, she received a reply from another Laura Buxton. She found the balloon in her garden in Wiltshire, 140 miles away. The curious thing about it is that they both share the same name, the age of 10, 3-year-old black labradors, a rabbit and a guinea pig.

3. The Mourning Bees - June 1994

The Mourning Bees - June 1994
Margaret Bell kept bees 7 miles away from her hometown of Shropshire, England. She died in June 1994. At the day of the funeral, something curious happened. Right after the procession, when the family went home, they found a hundreds of bees gathered in clusters opposite her house. Everyone got amazed by it. It's as if the bees knew she died and paid her their last respects.

4. Moving Earth Holes - October 1984

Moving Earth Holes - October 1984
A weird looking hole was found near Grand Coulee, Washington State. The problem is that just a month later it wasn't located at the same place. Like it was dragged somewhere else. The stone and earth dribbles led to a three-ton grass-covered earth divot. It looked almost as if it was cut out from the earth. There was no evidence of what that could have happened.

5. The Wind Children - 1992

The Wind Children - 1992
A 9-years-old Chinese girl had been struck by a whirlwind in Shanghai. She landed safely on a tree top almost two miles away. Just several weeks before, the wind took 13 children into the air and landed them down safely, with no harm done.
Top 13 Inexplicable but True Stories
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