12 People Share Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Their Country

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Whenever you are about to embark on a journey, you always want to hear about the fun destinations, the sights you should see, and the landmarks you should visit. But here we have quite a different selection of reasons why you should avoid certain countries and all the downsides that go with them! One way or another, it will help you reach a decision about your next trip...

1. United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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When we think about the UK, the first negative thing that pops into our minds is the terrible weather, but that is definitely not the only reason why this country should not be your ideal holiday destination. The prices are sky high, and the local people are reluctant to roll out the welcome wagon and like to keep to themselves. The landscapes and the buildings are terrible at certain areas as well, and you can clearly determine which unflattering architecture was rushed to get completed after WW2. Let's just say that over here, the weather isn't the only cold thing...
12 People Share Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Their Country
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