Google's Top Secret Project Hidden in the Desert of New Mexico Has Finally Been Uncovered (12 Pics)

Posted on May 11, 2016

The desert of New Mexico was hiding a great secret for Google. The company is preparing a revolutionary mission at Spaceport. It has finally been revealed what Google is up to, and the project is really astounding!

1. Massive Radio Transmitters

Massive Radio Transmitters
The enormous 100kW radio transmitters at Spaceport in New Mexico now serve Google in developing new technology.

2. The SkyBender

The SkyBender
Google's project, codenamed SkyBender, is going to use drones powered by sunlight to test powerful millimeter band waves.

3. Google Access Team

Google Access Team
The project is run by a less-known Google Access team, which is also responsible for Project Loon, as well as providing Gigabit fiber Internet in the United States.

4. Estimated Cost and Time

Estimated Cost and Time
It is assumed that the testing is worth a very large pile of money. The estimated cost is $1,000 per day, and it should be ready in a couple of years, around 2018.

5. Confidential

The purpose of SkyBender, however, is yet to be revealed. But considering Google's innovations over the past decades, it must be something revolutionary!

6. 5G Internet

5G Internet
The solar powered drones are believed to be tested to submit high-speed internet from the air. The experiment will be managed at about 75 GHz bandwidth, which is generally used for high-frequency communication.

7. How Could This Work?

How Could This Work?
Theoretically, high-frequency waves will be able to transmit up to forty times more data per second than 4G. Google is basically testing that theory.

8. Short Signal Range

Short Signal Range
One problem that occurs right now is that these waves have a much shorter signal than today's mobile phone waves.

9. The Solution

The Solution
That problem can be solved by using focused transmissions from a 'phase-array.' That's why Google needed that huge radio transmitter.

10. Devices Used

Devices Used
The SkyBender project is using a drone called Centaur, along with some drones made by Google itself, under a division called Google Titan. They have a wingspan of almost 160 feet.

11. Main Advantage

Main Advantage
Since the current cell phone spectrum is congested and there's nowhere else to go right now, the millimeter waves are going to be a breakthrough. Only if the project turns out to be successful, though.

12. Will an Incredible Thing Happen in the Near Future?

Will an Incredible Thing Happen in the Near Future?
Google refused to share more specifics about the project, so all we can do is to expect something unusual and innovative to be revealed.
Google's Top Secret Project Hidden in the Desert of New Mexico Has Finally Been Uncovered (12 Pics)
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