12 Strangest Things Ever Made by a 3D Printer

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

3D printers sometimes seem like a miracle, like something we only see in movies or read about in science fiction novels. But you can now print anything, no matter how small and complex you wish it to be. 3D printers are used in music and medicine but also in creating everyday objects. Let's see some astonishing creations.

1. Haircuts from Ancient Egypt

Haircuts from Ancient Egypt
Photo: news.discovery.com
Mummified remains of women who lived in ancient Egypt were usually with wigs. It helped to recreate those wigs and to have a better understand how they actually looked like in real life. The results (and the idea itself!) is stunning almost as if we are now able to travel to the past.
12 Strangest Things Ever Made by a 3D Printer
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