12 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends That Are Happening Right Now

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Fashion can sometimes get really bizarre. New beauty trends dictate new styles in clothes, hair, and even make-up. Here are the craziest beauty trends we could find.

1. Candy Cane

Candy Cane
Photo: assets.teenvogue.com
This cat-eye trend involves drawing this shape on your upper lid to show that you are a creative, candy loving person. No matter if you love it or hate it, it surely draws anyone's attention.

2. Eyebrow Pencils That Smell like Brownies

Eyebrow Pencils That Smell like Brownies
Photo: typeset-beta.imgix.net
If you have a sweet tooth, this is a perfect eyebrow pencil for you. This one is a product of a company called Too Faced, and the pencils smell like brownies.

3. Unicorn Eyeliner Trend

Unicorn Eyeliner Trend
Photo: 3apq7g38q3kw2yn3fx4bojii.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com
Girls love fairytales. They have proven it many times, and here is the latest fashion trend - a unicorn eyeliner. This shape is drawn instead of the classic black liner.

4. Bleached Eyebrows and Glitter

Bleached Eyebrows and Glitter
Photo: up.gc-img.net
Bleached eyebrows and glitter all over your upper lid can be interesting.

5. Hair That Glows in the Dark

Hair That Glows in the Dark
Photo: imgur.com
If you are up for something new and interesting regarding your hair, you can use a glowing dye, so your hair can be the star of the show. Literally. Your hair will glow if you stand beneath a neon light.

6. Cool? Or Freaky?

Cool? Or Freaky?
Photo: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
It may seem cool if you are going to a party in a club, but it sure can freak people out seeing you like this at night.

7. Pixels in Your Hair

Pixels in Your Hair
Photo: imgur.com
This hair art is inspired by Super Mario. When you're moving, your hair looks cheerful and colorful. And when you're standing still, people can see the figure of Super Mario on your hair. Interesting, isn't it?

8. Animal Hair Art

Animal Hair Art
Photo: byaki.net
These Japanese hair art designs are starting to become really popular all over the world.

9. Vagisil Foundation

Vagisil Foundation
Photo: imgur.com
Primer is essential for applying makeup, and many makeup artists have found an alternative for chemical based primer. They're using a silicone-based cream for intimate use. According to them, it gives perfect hydration for dry skin.

10. Silicone Bra Used as an Applicator

Silicone Bra Used as an Applicator
Photo: media.zenfs.com
A silicone bra has many advantages, and one of them is for applying makeup. Because they are made out of silicone, they do not absorb any type of foundation, so less makeup gets wasted.

11. Sparkly Lips

Sparkly Lips
Photo: i.ytimg.com
A lot of glitter is applied to make these and the trend is spreading fast.

12. ... And Dripping Lips

... And Dripping Lips
Photo: img.youtube.com
One of the newest trends that emerged is dripping lips. Some of us hate it, and some of us love it. However, it can be a problem while drinking coffee or eating.
12 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends That Are Happening Right Now
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