14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

9. Veneers

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Talking about teeth, have you ever heard of veneers? They're kinda weird. First, the dentist will cut your teeth to a point where they're only thin, pointy stubs and he'll put new teeth - veneers, on those same stubs. Yeah, it's all good when it's over, but having spikes instead of teeth even for a few hours is gross.

10. Wearing Fake Eyelashes

Wearing Fake Eyelashes
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When mascara is not enough, women will place the long, thick fake eyelashes instead. Just imagine having to wake up next to fake black hair in the morning...

11. Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
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Another teeth treatment. In order to get that commercials-level whiteness, women will often undergo a teeth whitening procedure. That sounds nice, but have you ever seen a procedure like that? It consists of dripping saliva all the way down the chin.

12. Wearing Waist Trainers

Wearing Waist Trainers
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This is also a trend started by Kim Kardashian. Yes, it'll get women to look way better, but it'll also restrict breathing and some organs to work properly. And that is, you'll agree, not a pretty thing.
14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty
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