14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Almost all of the female celebs you see on TV are always good-looking. The beautiful hair, the perfect smile, the posture - all of those make for an amazing picture. But, have you ever wondered how it gets to that? Women are known to do pretty weird stuff to stay beautiful, and here's a list with some of the craziest things they'll do.

1. Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
Photo: la.racked.com
Don't always trust what you see, because that long, shiny hair on celebs may be artificial. Some women will happily wear hair extensions even though they can fall out, your fingers may stick in it if you go through her hair, etc. But, the beauty is what matters, right?

2. Dyeing Eyebrows

Dyeing Eyebrows
Photo: camillafrederikke.blogspot.com
Now, when those full eyebrows get trendy again, women will look for ways to have them. One of the grossest methods to do that is to dye out the eyebrows with vegetable dye for a thick look.

3. Face Mask

Face Mask
Photo: marieclaire.co.uk
Yeah, having to cover up your face with something that'll 'make you beautiful' for up to an hour is wonderful. But, that's not even the biggest issue. It's the ingredients, which range all the way from charcoal to coffee.

4. Spanx

Photo: i.kinja-img.com
This super tight, granny underwear-like thing will make a woman's figure look fantastic. They'll suck in the 'extra' skin on their waists and thighs so that they can fit into that glamorous dress. Nevermind the red marks that are left after you take the Spanx off. It's the price of beauty.
14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty
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