14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Almost all of the female celebs you see on TV are always good-looking. The beautiful hair, the perfect smile, the posture - all of those make for an amazing picture. But, have you ever wondered how it gets to that? Women are known to do pretty weird stuff to stay beautiful, and here's a list with some of the craziest things they'll do.

1. Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
Photo: la.racked.com
Don't always trust what you see, because that long, shiny hair on celebs may be artificial. Some women will happily wear hair extensions even though they can fall out, your fingers may stick in it if you go through her hair, etc. But, the beauty is what matters, right?

2. Dyeing Eyebrows

Dyeing Eyebrows
Photo: camillafrederikke.blogspot.com
Now, when those full eyebrows get trendy again, women will look for ways to have them. One of the grossest methods to do that is to dye out the eyebrows with vegetable dye for a thick look.

3. Face Mask

Face Mask
Photo: marieclaire.co.uk
Yeah, having to cover up your face with something that'll 'make you beautiful' for up to an hour is wonderful. But, that's not even the biggest issue. It's the ingredients, which range all the way from charcoal to coffee.

4. Spanx

Photo: i.kinja-img.com
This super tight, granny underwear-like thing will make a woman's figure look fantastic. They'll suck in the 'extra' skin on their waists and thighs so that they can fit into that glamorous dress. Nevermind the red marks that are left after you take the Spanx off. It's the price of beauty.

5. Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure
Photo: renovafootcare.com
In case you've never heard of this thing, here's the deal. Women put their feet in water filled with teeny-tiny fish called Garra Rufa so that they can eat off the dead skin from them. Wow, having hundreds of animals eating your skin sounds amazing. Or, perhaps gross?

6. The "Vampire" Facial

The "Vampire" Facial
Photo: charleybsss.files.wordpress.com
Blame Kim K for this one. On an episode of her show, she gets a facial treatment where the face skin is injected with her own blood with a tool called Dermapen, full of acupuncture-size needles. Let's make it clear. You'll be more beautiful if someone stabs you in the face with needles loaded with your own blood?

7. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
Photo: jackinthewild.com
Have you ever tasted this stuff? It's probably the sourest, bitterest thing you'll ever try. Having that in mind, imagine that you have to take shots of that every day. It's not that good, to say the least. But, there are people who do that, and they're called women. Not all of them, to be honest, but anyways...

8. Wearing Braces

Wearing Braces
Photo: newhealthadvisor.com
We can't all have the perfect smile, but wearing braces in older-than-teen age can be very ugly and uncomfortable. Having big metal blocks on your teeth where food can get trapped is pretty annoying. Nevermind, brace yourselves! Oh, wait... Don't.

9. Veneers

Photo: huffingtonpost.com
Talking about teeth, have you ever heard of veneers? They're kinda weird. First, the dentist will cut your teeth to a point where they're only thin, pointy stubs and he'll put new teeth - veneers, on those same stubs. Yeah, it's all good when it's over, but having spikes instead of teeth even for a few hours is gross.

10. Wearing Fake Eyelashes

Wearing Fake Eyelashes
Photo: fashionnstyle.com
When mascara is not enough, women will place the long, thick fake eyelashes instead. Just imagine having to wake up next to fake black hair in the morning...

11. Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Photo: sugarscape.com
Another teeth treatment. In order to get that commercials-level whiteness, women will often undergo a teeth whitening procedure. That sounds nice, but have you ever seen a procedure like that? It consists of dripping saliva all the way down the chin.

12. Wearing Waist Trainers

Wearing Waist Trainers
Photo: images.bigcartel.com
This is also a trend started by Kim Kardashian. Yes, it'll get women to look way better, but it'll also restrict breathing and some organs to work properly. And that is, you'll agree, not a pretty thing.

13. Waxing

Photo: f.tqn.com
Why would someone constantly suffer pain just to be hairless? And waxing is something women do pretty often - on their legs, arms, and even eyebrows.

14. Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder
Photo: latam.discoverymujer.com
And this one is probably the grossest thing ever that a woman can do to herself. Having disorders like bulimia and anorexia just to be considered attractive is just unreasonable. Women, please stop it!
14 Hideous Things Women Do Because of Beauty
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