12 Ways to Make Sure Social Media Doesn't Ruin Your Love Life

Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Whether you are in a relationship or about to be in one, you really have to pay attention to social media. Some things you did online when you were single will not be tolerated now, and you have to be aware of that. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you keep your relationship healthy on social media.

1. Give Him/Her Space

Give Him/Her Space
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Don't be obsessed with your partner and follow him wherever he is online.

2. Don't Compare Your Relationship

Don't Compare Your Relationship
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You shouldn't make comparisons between your relationship and the others on social media. They are not always as perfect as they seem.

3. Commenting Things

Commenting Things
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Don't put too many "hearts" on other people's post because you don't know if that person has certain feelings for you or whether your partner will see that and start wondering why you did that.

4. Relationship Status

Relationship Status
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Ask your partner about the status of your relationship before you update it on social media.

5. Chatting

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Also, you should talk to your partner about how much you two should chat, what is acceptable and what's not. That way you will avoid meaningless fights.

6. Be Honest

Be Honest
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Don't go out with your friends and tell your partner that you are going to sleep or do something important. Someone will post a picture of you or tag you in a post and your partner will find out. Don't lie.

7. Don't Talk About Them in a Mean Way on Social Media

Don't Talk About Them in a Mean Way on Social Media
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If you have something going on your mind about your partner that's troubling you, tell them. Don't post it online.

8. Admirers

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Don't talk to your admirers too often. Your partner will think there's something going on between you two when you were just being polite instead.

9. Privacy on Social Media

Privacy on Social Media
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You can get any information you need online. That means others can too. So pay attention to what you are posting on social media.

10. Stalking

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Don't be a stalker. Your partner won't find it romantic or cute, it can only be irritating. Don't write silly comments on your partner's every post and don't check up on them all the time.

11. Exes

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Don't talk to your exes because your partner would think you still have feelings for them.

12. Consequences

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What happens online doesn't stay only online, there are consequences in real life, too. Pay attention to what you are doing and don't do anything that could harm your partner.
12 Ways to Make Sure Social Media Doesn't Ruin Your Love Life
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