9 Most Wanted Serial Killers That Are Still on the Loose in the US

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

A lot of homicides are still left unsolved in America, and the criminals are widely on the loose. Some of these cases include serial killers who committed horrible crimes decades ago. Check out some of the most gruesome serial killers who are walking among us today.

1. Serial Killer of Edgecombe County (9 Victims)

Serial Killer of Edgecombe County (9 Victims)
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In May 2015, a farmer in North Carolina saw a pair of human hands peeking above the foliage. He called the police right away, and the investigation showed that those were the body parts of a missing person. Later, the police found a total of 9 lifeless bodies scattered across the county and a man named Anthony Pittman was convicted of one murder. However, it is believed that he isn't the only one who committed these brutal murders.

2. The Craigslist Killer (10 Victims)

The Craigslist Killer (10 Victims)
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This Long Island murderer is suspected of using Craigslist to find and execute his victims. The police were investigating the case of Shannon Gilbert when they accidentally found four bodies in December 2010. A few months later, they found six more. According to the police profile, the killer is a white male, 20 to 40 years old. He is yet to be found, but the psychologists believe that he left the city because of the media attention this case got.

3. West Mesa Killer (11 Victims)

West Mesa Killer (11 Victims)
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A strange sight of human thigh bone sticking out of the ground made the woman who saw it call the police. Besides this one, another ten skeletal remains of mostly Hispanic women were found near that spot. It's in a desert mesa near Albuquerque. All of the murders happened during a four-year period, from 2001 to 2005. Eleven years later, only one detective is still on the case, but the results are not promising.

4. The Jeff Davis Eight

The Jeff Davis Eight
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It was May 20, 2005, when a fisherman in Jennings, LA found the lifeless body of Lynn Lewis floating in the water. Lynn's body was the first of eight to be discovered in a short period in Jefferson Davis Parish, LA. Those eight all knew each other, so it is evident that the killer also knew each of them personally. Over a decade later, this case remains unsolved, and the police don't have the slightest clue who did it.

5. Atlantic City Strangler (4 Victims)

Atlantic City Strangler (4 Victims)
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In 2006, Barbara Breidor, Molly Jean Dilts, Kim Raffo, and Tracy Ann Roberts were all found strangled in a drainage ditch behind the Golden Key Motel. There are theories about the killer, and one of them says he would lure these women into a motel room, give them illegal substances and later strangle them. This is yet to be confirmed, and the police offered a $25,000 reward for any useful info in 2015.

6. Daytona Beach Murderer (4 Victims)

Daytona Beach Murderer (4 Victims)
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Between 2005 and 2007, the Daytona police discovered four corpses killed with the same gun. They were all escorts looking for alcohol or illegal substances. The police said that this case is now cold, and there's not much they can do with the evidence they managed to discover.

7. Interstate 70 Killer (8 Victims)

Interstate 70 Killer (8 Victims)
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In the spring of 1992, Interstate 70 was the place where a serial killer met six of his victims. Five out of six were petite blonde women, except for one male. Two years later, the same man is suspected of killing two more. But he has been on the loose for two decades.

8. Charlie Chop-Off (6 Victims)

Charlie Chop-Off (6 Victims)
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In the early 70s in Manhattan, a man would lure young boys and stab them with a knife several times. What gave him the nickname "Chop-Off" is that all of the boys' genitals were mutilated.

9. Frankford Avenue Slasher (8-9 Victims)

Frankford Avenue Slasher (8-9 Victims)
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Between 1985 and 1990, the residents of Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia were scared to death by a series of brutal homicides. Eight, or possibly nine women were killed in a morbid fashion, with one of the victims being stabbed an incredible 74 times! The police never found out who is to blame for these murders.
9 Most Wanted Serial Killers That Are Still on the Loose in the US
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