Top 11 Worst Jobs You Can Get in the US

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

Things are changing very quickly on the job market, so it could easily turn out that what is considered to be a terrific job one day turns out to be a total disaster the next day.

1. Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers
It’s a highly demanding job that involves all-day commitment and taking care of the animals that depend on you. Farmers have to get up early and spend all day in not so glamorous conditions, surrounded with dirt and filth. And the worst part is that their effort is barely covered with the amount of money they make.

Average income: $60,750

2. Workers on the Oil Rig

Workers on the Oil Rig
It’s definitely one of the worst on the list, and even if the salary wasn’t so low. It’s extremely physically demanding, risky and it includes working on the top of the rigs during all kinds of weather conditions.

Average income: $37,640

3. Actors

Only those who managed to become famous come to our mind when we mention this profession, but we should keep in mind that they are an exception. For other actors, this job is full of pressure, anxiety and going to auditions over and over again. People are always judging your look and performance, and it doesn't pay that well.

Average income: $17.44/hour

4. Newspaper Reporters

Newspaper Reporters
It has always been an underpaid profession that includes lots of pressure. Nothing but pure love for the profession can explain why people agree to put themselves in this kind of position. The development of modern technologies even managed to make thing worse for the reporters.

Average income: $36,000

5. Lumberjacks

Considering the fact that not anyone could do it, it’s a hugely underestimated job. Lumberjacks put their lives at risk almost every day while working with enormous weights. This is one of the jobs that have the highest fatality rate, not to mention extreme weather conditions that these people have to put up with on daily basis.

Average income: $32,870

6. Army Personnel

Army Personnel
The life of the soldier is always full of pressure, fear for the mere existence, and they can never relax. There is no money to compensate this kind of discomfort, but people who are doing it often claim that they are enjoying it and don’t feel exploited.

Average income: $41,998

7. Stewardess

Not only that it’s extremely risky job, especially nowadays, but also it consumes all of the employee's time. Recently, airline companies have decided to cut the personal from 4 flight attendants to three, which means a 25% reduction. Things wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the job that pays so poorly.

Average income: $37,740

8. Roofers

We don’t need to point out that it’s very dangerous position, but things are becoming even worse since real estate business is in crisis. The amount of money that roofers get simply cannot compensate the risks that they are living with every day.

Average income: $34,220

9. Mailmen

To deliver people’s mail means to be in a constant fight with their pets and mailboxes. Since the new technologies are taking over, it has become an extremely unpopular profession, because a number of deliveries are cut down. In a couple of years, this profession can turn out to be the thing of the past.

Average income: $53,090.

10. Meter Readers

Meter Readers
It’s another profession that is slowly dying out in the modern world. People who are doing it are constantly on the field, experiencing all kinds of unpleasantness, but since you don’t need a particular skill to do it, it still pays very low.

Average income: $36,400

11. Chefs

All that TV channels made us believe that it's more attractive profession that it really is. People working in the kitchen are exposed to all kind of scents, high temperature and constant stress.

Average income: $42,208
Top 11 Worst Jobs You Can Get in the US
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