13 Heartbreaking Final Text Messages People Received from Their Loved Ones

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

The last conversation we ever have with a person close to us is always hard, whether it's because of a falling out, a break-up, death, or other circumstances. Here are some heartbreaking final texts people received from their loved ones.

1. Fight with Mom

Fight with Mom
The person with the gray text bubbles had a fight with her mom, who was recovering from surgery. She was lucky enough to have this final conversation with her. They made up and expressed their love for each other.

2. A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart
The couple dated for over a year, after which she expressed her love for him. He had a change of heart and broke up with her with this message.

3. Bursting Into Tears

Bursting Into Tears
The person who shared this text conversation with her mom lost her on that day. The mother died at 5:30 pm and the text was sent an hour later. The daughter burst into tears when the police told her about it.

4. Best Friends

Best Friends
The person with the blue text bubble lost their dad to lung cancer. They were best friends.

5. Speechless

Anthony was diagnosed with cancer soon after this conversation, and he died shortly after. In this message, the sender didn't know what to say to him, and they did not speak at all after it.

6. A Bump in the Road

A Bump in the Road
The girl with the blue text bubble got dumped by her boyfriend for not engaging in physical relations before marriage. This horrible man even went so far to call her a prude and a "bump in the road."

7. Keeping a Sense of Humor

Keeping a Sense of Humor
The person with the blue text bubble had a mom with brain cancer. They used to go to church together. The hospital she was in had a music therapy program, which reminded her of an inside joke from the church choir. She could barely type but still sent "You're missing music therapy" to her child to make her laugh.

8. What Was It About?

What Was It About?
The guy with the gray text bubble had exchanged this conversation with his girlfriend on his birthday. The girlfriend had a serious illness, but after the message, she proceeded to block him on all social media. He will be wondering about what this message meant for the rest of his life.

9. Jasmine

Jasmine sent this text message to her friend at 2 am, but the friend was too tired to answer. The friend saw the message in the morning and realized that it was a farewell message. Jasmine committed suicide on that night.

10. Katie

Katie went missing for two days after sending this to her loved one. When they found her, they realized that her last message was a suicide note.

11. Lucas

This girl met Lucas six months before finally confessing her feelings to him. She received this response from him after a couple of days, and a mutual friend told her that Lucas had killed himself that very day.

12. Aaron

Aaron's father died during Thanksgiving season, and he proceeded to drink himself to death two weeks later.

13. Shambles

The girl with the blue text message killed herself two days after this text conversation. The friend was left with regret because he didn't ask her if she was doing alright.
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13 Heartbreaking Final Text Messages People Received from Their Loved Ones
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