15 Employees Share the Most Absurd Rules at Their Workplace

Posted on Nov 21, 2016

Some rules are made for safety and out of concern for the workers, but some of these rules were made just to torture employees! Check out some dumb and absurd confessions from these poor employees.

1. Microwave Obligation

Microwave Obligation
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"If the microwave and printer run at the same time it trips a breaker that only property management can reset. So, whenever anyone microwaves something they have to yell "MICROWAVE!" so nobody prints."

2. How to Make You Miserable

How to Make You Miserable
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"If two snacks fall from the vending machine by accident, we have to turn in extra one or it's considered 'stealing company property.' Had a manager follow me to the front desk to turn in some cookies last week."

3. Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?
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"If anything was emergency related, call a general manager. If you find a lost child, call the GM. If you see a fire, call the GM. Gunfight? Don't move, unless it's to call a GM."

4. Very Superstitious

Very Superstitious
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One superstitious Korean boss has a very special set of rules at work: "no red pens, no shaking your legs, and no whistling after the sun goes down." And above all, employees are not allowed to mention ghosts or anything related to the supernatural.

5. Special Position

Special Position
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"I'm a librarian. I somebody asks me where anything is, I have to redirect them to the front desk. No matter what."

6. Professional Empty Box Handlers

Professional Empty Box Handlers
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"You have to take empty box training to know how to handle boxes that are, you know, empty."

7. No Sitting!

No Sitting!
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"We weren't allowed to sit at my old job. Even though our job didn't require us to walk, or stand for any reason. We weren't allowed to sit because a worker in the past once pushed two chairs together and slept."

8. Global Company Manager

Global Company Manager
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“My last manager (global company) tried to tell us that if she saw us at each other’s desks discussing non-work related things, we had to keep track of those minutes and take them as vacation.”

9. Being Late?

Being Late?
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“My old boss blatantly admitted he considered the last employee to arrive in the morning as being late, no matter what time it was.”

10. Overprotective Company

Overprotective Company
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“You cannot leave 250 miles of the area without getting your request to leave said area approved. And you have to take lots of online and in-person classes on how to be safe, not to beat your wife, not to drink and drive, and how to not be stressed out. And wear a reflective belt everywhere.”

11. Crazy Boss!

Crazy Boss!
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“Whenever we want to drop our boss a note, she requires an email and a hard copy in her office mailbox. But she’s also yelled at us numerous times for using too much paper.”

12. Computers...

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"I worked for an electrical engineer. My job was to print his emails and fax them to his house and then wait for his handwritten reply. I typed it and sent that back to the customers. He thinks computers are a fad."

13. Don't Use the Trash

Don't Use the Trash
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"Don't throw any personal items in company dumpsters or waste receptacles. All items to be discarded must be taken home."

14. Notice

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"We have to give 72-hour notice for time off due to illness... because we all know the flu would give you a heads-up that it's coming for you."

15. Hand Cream

Hand Cream
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"We couldn't put a bottle of hand cream in the ladies restroom because 'it wasn't officially company issued and someone might mistakenly drink it.' They would confiscate them every time."
15 Employees Share the Most Absurd Rules at Their Workplace
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