10 Freakiest Things Morticians Experienced on the Job

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

Can you imagine working in a funeral home? It's probably one of the creepiest jobs in the world. However, the peculiar experiences of these funeral home workers are even scarier!

1. Funeral Doves

Funeral Doves
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“I'm a funeral director/embalmer and I have seen... just so many bad funerals. One that really stood out was the time that a family released doves in a rural cemetery, after being told not to, and a hawk ripped one to pieces.”

2. Woman with a Glass Eye

Woman with a Glass Eye
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“I was a part-time funeral director's assistant. We once had an elderly woman with a glass eye who requested it be kept wide open for the service. Gave me a hell of a fright when I saw her in her casket."

3. The Dog That Waited

The Dog That Waited
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"My mother worked in a funeral home. One day, she was asked to go up in the attic to look for some old records, and came across a baby coffin. She went to move it with her foot, and could tell it wasn't empty. Immediately went back downstairs and asked the director about it. Apparently it's a client’s embalmed dog that's being stored until he dies, so that they can be buried together upon his death."

4. Identical Twin

Identical Twin
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“My mom works in the funeral business. Sometimes I would come to work with her and help her set up the chapel for a service. One service in particular was of a little boy who drowned. His parents dressed his identical twin brother in the same outfit as him for the funeral.”

5. Creepy Lights

Creepy Lights
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“I’ve only experienced something one time and that was around 10PM, after two years with no activity at the location. I had turned all the lights off in the chapel, and when I went to check the casket door, the lights turned back on. I was nowhere near the switch.”
10 Freakiest Things Morticians Experienced on the Job
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