What Your Signature Says About You Explained by Graphology

Posted on Sep 09, 2016

As some people believe that our date of birth or name reveals a lot about ourselves, there are people who think that many character traits are hiding in our handwriting. The way each of us writes is unique, and that is best seen in our signatures. They are part of our public persona (signing documents) but also our very intimate sphere (signing cards for friends). It may be that we sign our name in the way we want us to be perceived by other people. The analysts in graphology came to some interesting conclusions and common grounds using comparisons and sometimes just basic common-sense rules. Here are some examples.

1. Big Capital Letters

Big Capital Letters
Photo: enfemenino.com
A signature like this reveals a bold person who is self-assured and aware of its own importance. It can also imply a certain arrogance or pretension. Or, like in President Obama's example, a person who wants his presence noticed.
What Your Signature Says About You Explained by Graphology
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