Numerology Could Explain What It Means to See Repeating Numbers on a Clock (12 Pics)

Posted on Jun 24, 2016

Have you ever looked at the clock or your wristwatch to see the numbers match? You know, numbers like 11:11 or 12:12? Have you ever wondered why this happens so frequently? Here are some possible explanations.

1. The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon
This phenomenon occurs in a very peculiar seventy-one-minute cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over.

2. The Explanation

The Explanation
People are turning to numerology, the study of the effect of numbers in our everyday lives, for the answer.

3. Matched Hours and Minutes on a Clock

Matched Hours and Minutes on a Clock
Numerology has explanations on how these patterns affect the world around us in the strangest ways.

4. Signs

Many people around the world are interpreting this as signs. There are various theories that an entity is messaging us, whether it's God, angels, or some interdimensional beings.

5. Repetitions of the Number

Repetitions of the Number
Because every number in numerology has a meaning, various repetitions of numbers can translate to different signs, and when you start noticing the patterns, you'll know how to apply them accurately to your life.

6. Spiritual Powers

Spiritual Powers
Doreen Virtue is a psychic medium, a world-famous therapist, and a spiritualist who stated that seeing these patterns signifies growth in spiritual powers.

7. Decisions

The increase in spiritual power would make one more secure at making tough life decisions such as quitting their job and following their passions.

8. Repetitions

When you see these repetitions on a clock, it could mean that it's the best time to make a major decision.

9. Another Possible Explanation

Another Possible Explanation
Phenomena like these deepen the relationship one has with supernatural forces. They can enhance our spirituality.

10. Facts from Fiction

Facts from Fiction
It could be that seeing these patterns isn't a subconscious thing, but quite a calculated one by forces that are beyond our control.

11. 11:11

One of the most powerful and most commonly seen combinations is 11:11, with which the Mayans have predicted the end of the Dark Ages in 2012 and the birth of a spiritual re-awakening.

12. 12:12

The second most common number combination is 12:12, which also has a powerful meaning behind it.
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Numerology Could Explain What It Means to See Repeating Numbers on a Clock (12 Pics)
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