15 Most Frightening Experiments Since the Beginning of Time

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

Scientific experiments are conducted to improve everyone's lives, but some of them have strayed from that path...

1. Emma Eckstein's Case

Emma Eckstein's Case
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Emma Eckstein was one of Dr. Sigmund Freud's patients, whom he diagnosed with excessive masturbation and hysteria. His friend and colleague Willhelm Fleis performed a nasal surgery on her but ended up disfiguring her, as well as the other women who suffered from the same symptoms.

2. Self-Developing Robots

Self-Developing Robots
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Simple robots were given a "life" span of two minutes and were programmed to "evolve" and self-develop, which they essentially did, learning to communicate, avoid holes in the ground and cooperate. Is this the beginning of a Terminator-like scenario?

3. Time Travel

Time Travel
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Ronald Mallett's research is based on developing a time traveling machine that could take us back to the time. The only thing is the furthest point in the past it could take us is the time it was created. Now we'll have to go back!

4. Pit of Despair

Pit of Despair
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Harry Harlow's research was based on inducing depression in macaque monkeys by taking them away from their mothers, putting them in isolated dark cages and waiting for them to go haywire.

5. Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment
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Philip Zimbardo's psychological experiment was conducted in the 1970s, and it involved 24 university students in roles of either prisoners or prison guards. The experiment was supposed to have lasted for 14 days, but lasted only 6, because "guards" became sadistic and caused emotional trauma to "prisoners."
15 Most Frightening Experiments Since the Beginning of Time
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