10 Coolest Presents You Can Buy Online

Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Sometimes, buying presents can be a real torture. We will try to save you hours of searching with these goofy and somewhat useful things we found.

1. Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends
Photo: iamfatterthanyou.com
You are not sure which book to buy for your friend? Well, there is no mistake with these cool katana shaped bookends.

2. Darth Vader Backpack (or Anything Else!)

Darth Vader Backpack (or Anything Else!)
Photo: thisiswhyimbroke.com
Star Wars never get old and Darth Vader is our favorite villain! Whether it's a backpack, t-shirt, cup, light saber, mask, cupcake, it's a great present!

3. Time Burner

Time Burner
Photo: d.justpo.st
Your friend likes to be on time, but you are always late? Give yourself a little time bonus - buy your friend this awesome watch! While he is waiting for you, he can light a cigarette and not even notice you are running late.

4. Toilet Bowl Dog and Cat Fountain

Toilet Bowl Dog and Cat Fountain
Photo: rudefood.pl
Whether you like your friend's pet or not, this one is totally rad!

5. Pet Costumes

Pet Costumes
Photo: ecx.images-amazon.com
The dinosaur costume goes only for the dogs you like. Or for the ones that are so ugly that even raptor is better looking than them.

6. Onesie

Photo: verkleedplein.nl
A kangaroo, Pickachu, a monster? They are all so cute and everyone will love them!

7. Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern
Photo: ecx.images-amazon.com
It's impossible not to love these! You don't even have to be a nature lover! But try not to burn anything while letting sky lanterns fly.

8. Rock-it Portable Speaker

Rock-it Portable Speaker
Photo: origaudio.com
This little gadget can turn anything into a speaker! So awesome that it made us cry!

9. Gun Lamp

Gun Lamp
Photo: stardust.com
Your friend is a big fan of Godfather? You can buy him a present he can't refuse!

10. Brew Cutlery Set

Brew Cutlery Set
Photo: odditymall.com
Your friend is practical and elegant? He likes to cut, open, stab and spoon?
10 Coolest Presents You Can Buy Online
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