This Astounding House Has an ACTUAL TREE Growing from Its Center... And That's Not All (10 Pics)

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Many people practice gardening with dedication, and while some of them have perfected this hobby well beyond the level of just growing flowers, cacti or citrus trees indoors, that seems boring to some. One of those people is a Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, who envisioned the concept of cultivating a real fir tree in the interior of a building and designed a “forest house” built around a tree and made out of glass.

1. The Stairs

The Stairs
Whoever owns a home like this would have to use the white stairwell to reach the top floors of this 40-feet house.

2. Rooms

The residence contains a living room, a kitchen, a restroom, and the only room missing is a complete bedroom.

3. One with Nature

One with Nature
The idea behind this house is to distance ourselves from the claustrophobic urban environment and reunite with the forest.

4. The Environment

The Environment
The perfect environment for this building is, naturally, the woods.

5. Surrounded by Forest

Surrounded by Forest
Forest environment makes people tranquil and relaxed.

6. Uniqueness

While there are similar buildings made out of glass, this house is completely unique.

7. Great Reading Spot

Great Reading Spot
The house is perfect for enthusiastic book readers because of its isolated location that is unpolluted by loud noises, making it a great spot for reading a book.

8. Kitchen

The kitchen is located on the first floor, probably due to practicality in maintaining the water pressure in a see-through glass house.

9. Bathroom

Last, but not least - the bathroom. You might have wondered if a glass house like this would include a bathroom. It does, and in fact, it's the only part of the house that doesn't have walls of glass.
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This Astounding House Has an ACTUAL TREE Growing from Its Center... And That's Not All (10 Pics)
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