Expert Tips About Survival Gear That Really Works and the Things You Should Ditch Immediately

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

If you want to make sure you are carrying the best gear around, keep on reading...

1. Kleen Kanteen Bottle

Kleen Kanteen Bottle
This thing is amazing because although it is a water bottle, you can actually boil water in it too, just remove the cap first. It is very practical since you need to carry with your items that don't take up much space and can serve several purposes. With this in mind, you should avoid plastic and plastic-lined bottles. You cannot boil anything in them.

2. Sawyer Water Filter

Sawyer Water Filter
Much better and more practical to use than lifestraw. Always have it on hand!

3. Various Spices

Various Spices
A little salt, pepper, and paprika can go a long way. Spices will improve all of your dishes consisting of fish or game. It doesn't take much to become a master chef, even in the wild. Having that in mind, steer clear of Mountain House Meals. They are way too pricey, and you do not get your money's worth.

4. Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines
The saying goes "dumb as a fish" but still you do need to invest a bit of effort in order to trick your dinner. Never use heavy fishing lines, since they can be noticed very easily. Opt for a 4lb clear line, and your chances of catching a fish will drastically improve!

5. Silky Saws Are Essential

Silky Saws Are Essential
A very light and cheap option, and you can make yourself a buck saw in no time. Easy to carry as well as store, this one is as flexible as it gets.

6. Shemagh Scarf

Shemagh Scarf
This thing right here has a million uses! It can keep you warm, keep you refreshed once dunked in cold water, you can even make a bag out of it, wrap it around your hands while touching hot objects...the sky is the limit, just NEVER use synthetic fabrics, since they can easily catch fire! Go for 100% cotton!

7. Fish Jaw Spreader

Fish Jaw Spreader
You can remove a hook safely from the mouth of a fish, but you can also attach a water bottle to it and hold it over a fire until it boils. Either way, it works like a charm.

8. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc Bags
This one can also be utilized in numerous ways. Prepare your food in it, carry water or things collected along the way, and if you have anything that needs to be kept dry, like medication, for example, it will be safe within this bag.

9. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil
Excellent for preparing meals and safely taking care of leftovers. Always handy to have it on you.

10. Plain Lighters

Plain Lighters
The simplest and quickest way to get a fire going. Easy to use, practical in all climates and the space they take up is next to nothing. You can carry a bunch of them with you! Unlike these little guys, that everyone can use, Ferro rods, Firesteels or Blast Matches are not recommended.

11. No Stick Cooking Spray

No Stick Cooking Spray
This product is very handy, doing what it is meant to do (you don't want to waste a lot of time doing dishes while in the wild) but the interesting fact is that if you spray it on bait, the fish will go crazy! It will even keep your cutlery rust-free.

12. Imusa Aluminum Cup

Imusa Aluminum Cup
You can feel free to avoid pricey cookers, the titanium ones. There's really no need for them, and aluminum works just fine. A cheap and practical solution, a mug that can be a pot as well, and it holds up to 64oz. Lovely!

13. Tenkara Rod

Tenkara Rod
The main advantage of this traditional Japanese rod is that although it is quite light, easy to carry and assemble, it can still be deadly to all kinds of fish, even the heavier ones like the carp. This is a much better option than a pen or slingshot rod. Make sure to steer clear of them.

14. All Kinds of Live Worms

All Kinds of Live Worms
The thought or carrying live maggots around may be unpleasant, but the simple fact is, fish love this stuff! It will last longer than regular bait and will guarantee you a tasty, fishy dinner by the fire.

15. Flies

When you don't have live bait at your disposal, this is the next best thing. You can use flies on their own or combine them with any kind of bait that you have. Just try not to use powerbait, we do not recommend it.
Expert Tips About Survival Gear That Really Works and the Things You Should Ditch Immediately
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