12 Most Beautiful Secret Islands in the World

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Do you ever get tired of the city noise and just wish you could sneak off to a lonely island where no one can bother you? You never knew these secret islands existed! No one will bother you there. Take a look.

1. Panama, San Blas Archipelago

Panama, San Blas Archipelago
Photo: a2.muscache.com
If you are an intact nature lover, we are more than happy to bring you the good news: this island has no hotels and fancy restaurants.

2. South Korea, Ulleungdo

South Korea, Ulleungdo
Photo: img.cdn2.vietnamnet.vn
Located between Japan and South Korea, this tiny beauty is considered to be the ideal spot for hikers: Seonginbong Peak is just fantastic! There is organized transport from the port of Dodong-ri, and it is available on a daily basis.

3. French Guiana, IIes De Salut

French Guiana, IIes De Salut
Photo: elespectador.com
This former colony is famous because of Steve McQueen and his movie from the 70s, Papillon. Also, it is popular for its beautiful beaches and macaws that you can approach only with small boats that sail from Kourou.

4. Japan, Yaeyama Islands

Japan, Yaeyama Islands
Photo: idi.bg
You will find these beautiful islands in the very south of Japan: Ishigaki, Taketomi, and Iriomote. Each one will have something new to offer, and altogether, they resemble the Caribbean islands. If you are in love with Japanese tradition and onsens (hot springs), you should definitely buy your plane ticket as soon as possible.

5. Australia, Torres Strait Islands

Australia, Torres Strait Islands
Photo: toptendiary.com
The cluster of these 274 islands treasures the interesting culture of local tribes. On some of them, you will find hotels and mini airports, but some can only be approached with a special permission granted by a local tribe council.

6. Taiwan, Penghu Islands

Taiwan, Penghu Islands
Photo: jamrockmagazine.com
These islands are the natural habitat of endangered species such as green turtles. The 90 islands of this archipelago will serve you with pure and untouched Taiwanese culture. Next to breathtaking landscapes, you will enjoy ancient temples and local cuisine.

7. Honduras, Bay Islands and Hog Islands

Honduras, Bay Islands and Hog Islands
Photo: content.vivatropical.com
This one is meant for those who adore camping: there is only one type of accommodation on Hog Island. Their beaches are famous for diving and tropical heat.

8. Uganda, Sesse Islands

Uganda, Sesse Islands
Photo: tintucdulich.com.vn
This exotic paradise is quite undeveloped in that sense that there are only a few hotels, but isn't that the best part? You can relax and enjoy the unspoiled nature. For those who like sleeping indoors, there are reliable accommodations in Buggala and Bukasa.

9. Vietnam, Con Dao Islands

Vietnam, Con Dao Islands
Photo: diadiemdulich.com
The history of this island is a bit dreary. Nonetheless, its present is marvelous. Although it used to be a prison, it's popular today for its white-sand beaches and dolphins that can be seen all around the island.

10. Malta, Gozo Island

Malta, Gozo Island
Photo: everplaces.com
This is a small, rural island where you can turn off negative thoughts with diving and fishing. You can enjoy its mesmerizing sceneries, temples or forts.
12 Most Beautiful Secret Islands in the World
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