There’s a Real-Life Love Story in the ‘Titanic’ and You’ve Missed It for Sure

Posted on Oct 19, 2016

The love story that everyone is missing during the course of the movie is actually a real one, it wasn't made up for the movie. Take a look and find out who the couple was.

1. Jack and Rose

Jack and Rose
Jack and Rose are the couple people think of when they think of the Titanic.

2. Tragic

While their story was both beautiful and tragic, there was another story that was even more like that, because it actually happened.

3. The Stories

The Stories
There are a lot of stories we only see in a few scenes, and they are left to our imagination. That's why the movie was so amazing, it gave us a sense of actual lives of the people on the ship.

4. Ida and Isidor Straus

Ida and Isidor Straus
The Straus couple were actual people who had lost their lives on the ship and were just one of the stories in the movie.

5. A Hero

A Hero
Isidor Straus was offered a seat on the lifeboat because he was very rich and important at the time, but he refused to take it while there were still women and children on the Titanic.

6. Ida's Choice

Ida's Choice
Ida could have chosen to go to the lifeboats and save herself, but she chose death instead in order to be with her husband.

7. Family

They had seven children, six adults, as one died in infancy.

8. Isidor Straus

Isidor Straus
Mr. Straus was a merchant and, for a short period of time, a member of the US House of Representatives, who had something even more important than his well-respected job and money. He had the unconditional love of his wife.

9. Waiting for Death

Waiting for Death
When you see this scene from the movie, you probably remember them. This is the couple that went back to the ship in order to die together.

10. Popularity

The way they died made them very popular, and there was even monument made in their honor.

11. Plaque

"Their lives were beautiful and their deaths glorious," says on the plaque made by their employees.

12. An Amazing Love Story

An Amazing Love Story
Isidor and Ida became famous as a symbol of love and devotion, and while the story of Rose and Jack was made famous because of the movie, this one is even more touching as it was real.
There’s a Real-Life Love Story in the ‘Titanic’ and You’ve Missed It for Sure
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