14 Surprising Fan Theories That Will Change Your Favorite Movies FOREVER

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

Avid movie watchers create fan theories as something to fill the plotholes in famous films. Sometimes, these are discredited by the creators of the movie, but when left unchecked, the theories can change your whole perspective of a movie. Check them out.

1. Mary Poppins Is a Time Lord

Mary Poppins Is a Time Lord
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This one claims that Mary Poppins has many similarities with the longest running sci-fi series Dr. Who! She's British; she has an unusual self-image, and her purse has time-space bending abilities. Could she have been the first Dr. Who?

2. Aladdin Is Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Future

Aladdin Is Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Future
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The Genie in Aladdin knows many things about what happened after the middle ages. In fact, he states that he's lived in the lamp for ten thousand years, and since it was made in the 3rd century, the story of Aladdin can be dated to the year 10,300. Here, humanity is reduced to living in deserts.

3. Forrest, You're NOT the Father

Forrest, You're NOT the Father
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From what we know of the characters in Forrest Gump, Jenny was very free-spirited and she even managed to get AIDS. There is no actual evidence of who Forrest Jr.'s father is, but it is speculated that Jenny entrusted Forrest to take care of her child.

4. The Wizard of Oz: Doppelgangers in a Parallel Universe

The Wizard of Oz: Doppelgangers in a Parallel Universe
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The land of Oz appears to be a parallel world since the characters have their counterparts in Kansas. Dorothy's three companions are her uncles, and Almira Gulch is the Wicked Witch of the West. The theory states that since Dorothy didn't have her counterpart in Oz, she had to kill her to take her place.

5. Back to the Quantum Suicide

Back to the Quantum Suicide
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In Back to the Future, Doc Brown states that all of his previous attempts at time travel had failed. During Marty's first successful run, the Doc stood in the way of the speeding DeLorean before it went to another timeline. But what if it never went back in time? What if the Doc planned to get himself killed?

6. One Codename, Different Agents

One Codename, Different Agents
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Fans of the James Bond movies speculate that he isn't a single person. This theory states that the codename James Bond and the code number 007 has been assigned to multiple individuals.

7. Divorce Story

Divorce Story
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The main story of Toy Story is actually set in the background while the real story is about Andy's parents going through a divorce. Andy's dad is never seen, his mom isn't wearing a wedding ring, and Andy is making up for the lack of a male role model with male action figures.

8. Shared Universe

Shared Universe
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Star Wars and E.T. might be set in the same universe, as E.T. seems to recognize Yoda when he appears in his movie! Also, E.T.'s species appear in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

9. Wild Imagination

Wild Imagination
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In the 1986 cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Cameron is speculated to have created Ferris as his alter ego to imagine himself as someone else. At the end of the movie, he decides to live without him.

10. Grease: They All Die

Grease: They All Die
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Grease ends with the main characters driving off into the clouds. From this, the theory states that the entire movie is Sandy's hallucination as she was drowning after an accident and then going to heaven.

11. Mental Disease

Mental Disease
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This fan theory speculates that Harry was abused by his guardians and damaged to the point of hurting his cousin. He was sent to a "specialized school," where he battled his good and evil dual personalities.

12. Gatsby Is an African-American

Gatsby Is an African-American
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This fan theory speculates that Gatsby from the book and the movie is actually of African descent: his grooming depictions, dark skin, and gossip by other characters hint that he did not look like DiCaprio.

13. Loki Lost on Purpose

Loki Lost on Purpose
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The first Avengers movie ended with Loki's defeat and deportation to Asgard, but according to some fans, this was intentional. It was his motive from the beginning, and it paid off for future sequels.

14. Inception Wasn't a Dream

Inception Wasn't a Dream
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Inception is a mind-bending movie about dreams which ends with a major cliff-hanger. However, fans speculate that Cobb's real totem isn't his wife's spinning top, but his wedding ring which he takes off in the real world. The ending scene didn't feature his ring, making his dreams a reality.
14 Surprising Fan Theories That Will Change Your Favorite Movies FOREVER
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