Top 15 Simpsons Prophecies That Actually Came True

Posted on May 26, 2016

With over 600 episodes, many bizarre and entertaining things have happened on 'The Simpsons' in the past 28 seasons.

However, what puzzles us the most is how the show managed to correctly predict the future in the real world over the years.

Many believe that the writers of the show are the world's best fortune tellers and that they've correctly foretold many major events. There was even an episode in which the show predicted that Donald Trump would win the elections! Take a look at these bizarre prophecies.

1. Presidency of Donald Trump

Presidency of Donald Trump
In 2000, there was an episode in which Donald Trump is a presidential candidate.

Maybe it sounded like some innocent fun and an impossible situation 16 years ago, but today, we're faced with the reality of it which The Simpsons correctly predicted!
Top 15 Simpsons Prophecies That Actually Came True
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