Top 15 Simpsons Prophecies That Actually Came True

Posted on May 26, 2016

With over 600 episodes, many bizarre and entertaining things have happened on 'The Simpsons' in the past 28 seasons.

However, what puzzles us the most is how the show managed to correctly predict the future in the real world over the years.

Many believe that the writers of the show are the world's best fortune tellers and that they've correctly foretold many major events. There was even an episode in which the show predicted that Donald Trump would win the elections! Take a look at these bizarre prophecies.

1. Presidency of Donald Trump

Presidency of Donald Trump
In 2000, there was an episode in which Donald Trump is a presidential candidate.

Maybe it sounded like some innocent fun and an impossible situation 16 years ago, but today, we're faced with the reality of it which The Simpsons correctly predicted!

2. It's as if They Were Able to Peek Into the Future

It's as if They Were Able to Peek Into the Future
Here are the same scenes, one from the real life when Trump was campaigning and one from the Simpsons. The movements are the same, and the scene is identical, which is just spooky.

When Trump won, this comparison went viral and people were really confused.

3. So How Did the Creators Explain It?

So How Did the Creators Explain It?
A writer who worked on the show at the time, Dan Greaney, revealed what they wanted to say at the time: ‘It was a warning to America."

Greany then stated: "That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane."

4. The Farmville Prediction

The Farmville Prediction
The Simpsons predicted the popularity of Farmville with Yard Work, a virtual reality game shown in the episode "Bart Carny" from 1998.

Aside from the VR aspect of it, the concept of Yard Work is extremely similar to Farmville!

5. Invention of the iPod

Invention of the iPod
Back in 1996, The Simpsons showed us an intercom that looked exactly like the early design of Apple's iPod.

The device was seen in the episode "Bart After Dark," which aired exactly 5 years before the iPod's official release.

6. Future Technologies

Future Technologies
Did you know that The Simpsons used video chat, tablets, smart watches, and many other technological breakthroughs of today before they were even invented?

In 1994, they predicted autocorrect so accurately, that they joked about Apple's dysfunctional programming.

7. Vegetable Mutations

Vegetable Mutations
Do you remember the classic "E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt)" episode that featured the "tomacco"?

Released in 1999, the episode showed us how radiation could be used to make mutated tomatoes that glow at night. In 2011, a Japanese study used radiation to create mutated vegetables successfully!

8. Lemon Tree Theft

Lemon Tree Theft
The Simpsons predicted a bizarre coincidence in the 1995 episode entitled "Lemons of Troy."

A lemon tree was stolen in the fictional town of Springfield, and 8 years later, a similar tree was stolen from a garden in Huston, Texas.

9. Grease Thieves

Grease Thieves
In 2011, used cooking grease valued at two thousand dollars was stolen in Minnesota. The Simpsons predicted this event in 1998!

In "Lard of the Dance," Bart and Homer conceived a scheme which involved stealing and selling the grease from Springfield Elementary.

10. Sigfried and Roy Get Attacked by a Tiger

Sigfried and Roy Get Attacked by a Tiger
In 1993, The Simpsons parodied an attack on the famous duo of stage magicians.

Unfortunately, that prediction came true. The duo actually got attacked by a tiger 10 years after the show predicted it! Their show ended and Roy had sustained some serious injuries.

11. The One That Didn't Come True

The One That Didn't Come True
It's as if the show's creators knew that the biggest band in the world would keep touring in the future when this poster was shown in "Lisa's Wedding."

The episode was released in 1995, but only half of this prediction is true because the Rolling Stones are definitely not in wheelchairs.

12. But It Gets Creepier: 9/11 Attacks

But It Gets Creepier: 9/11 Attacks
The episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" featured a strange coincidence on a magazine cover.

The price and image of the towers on the cover look like the date 9/11. The episode was released in 1997, several years before the tragic attacks.

13. Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak
In the episode 'Lisa's Sax,' the Simpsons correctly predicted the Ebola outbreak in the USA.

The episode aired in 1997 and Bart draws a pretty shocking drawing of the apocalypse.

The strange thing about this prediction is that the book cover shows a monkey, and it is suspected that a monkey was responsible for carrying the virus into the USA.

14. And It Doesn't Stop There: They Predicted 3D Printing

And It Doesn't Stop There: They Predicted 3D Printing
3D printing was accurately portrayed in "Future-Drama" from 2005. In this episode, Marge made a 3D printed cake!

In less than 10 years after the episode aired, 3D printing became a real thing, and people are especially fascinated by 3D printed desserts and other foods.

15. "Being Right Sucks"

"Being Right Sucks"
It's as if the creators of this legendary show know what's going to happen in the future and are trying to warn us about it.

In the opening credits of a recent episode, Bart writes "Being right sucks" on a board which is a direct allusion to how their prediction of Trump's presidency sixteen years ago came true.
Top 15 Simpsons Prophecies That Actually Came True
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