8 Huge Things Movies Got Wrong About Superheroes

Posted on Jan 12, 2017

Within the last decade, some of the most popular Hollywood box office hits selected every year were actually movies about superheroes. Many were true to the comics, but some of them showed you stuff about your favorite superheroes that's completely false compared to the comics. It's time to clear things up and check out some of these superhero facts that simply aren't true.

1. Do Superheroes Ever Die?

Do Superheroes Ever Die?
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Nowadays, it's not common to see superheroes who died return from some alternate universe in the movies. We all see them dying but they come back in the comics such as "Civil War," "Batman: A Death In the Family." This way, the story is kept fresh and there are many interesting turns and alternate storylines. And when it comes to heroes growing old, Christian Bale got old, and Batman was retired up until Gotham was attacked. That's how "The Dark Knight Returns" ended up on the big screen.
8 Huge Things Movies Got Wrong About Superheroes
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