Deadpool's 12 Hilariously Obvious Easter Eggs and In-Jokes

Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Everyone was obsessed about Deadpool in 2016, but this is not without reason. When it comes to superhero movies, the beloved Marvel character finally got his long-anticipated live action movie, and it completely changed the game. It was glorious! Deadpool became one of the greatest and funniest superhero movies and characters ever!

If you loved the movie, the sequel is set to come out in summer 2018, so to make the waiting easier for you, we've prepared some awesome Deadpool easter eggs that you've probably missed.

1. Hugh Jackman Easter Eggs

Hugh Jackman Easter Eggs
Our main man, Wade Wilson, first appeared on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so, Hugh Jackman is often referenced in Deadpool.

His face is seen on a fake cover of People magazine, his character gets namechecked in the line "rhymes with Pulverine", and is also spotted in that hilarious scene where Deadpool staples a cut-out drawing of Wolverine's face to his own head.
Deadpool's 12 Hilariously Obvious Easter Eggs and In-Jokes
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