11 Awkward and Disturbing Nickelodeon Moments You Never Noticed as a Child

Posted on Jul 06, 2016

Some of the happiest experiences in our childhoods are connected to lovable cartoons, animated shows, and silly characters. And when it comes to Nickelodeon, it was certainly the best of the best.

However, aside from bringing a lot of joy to kids, these cartoons were also used to express some dark moments and messages from their creators which we never understood during childhood.

1. The Dark Side of Didi Pickles

The Dark Side of Didi Pickles
The voice actor Melanie Chartoff wrote in her book "Slimed! An Oral Of Nickelodeon's Golden Age" that she saw indecent pictures of Didi all over the bathroom in the studio, made by the show's animators.

2. Bikini Bottom Is Not That Silly after All

Bikini Bottom Is Not That Silly after All
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What we never realized as kids is that Bikini Bottom is most likely an underwater nuclear testing site, which would explain all the bizarre mutations of its characters.

3. Most Expensive Pie in the World

Most Expensive Pie in the World
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"Double Dare" was a fun show, right? After getting a pie thrown in her face, a woman sued the show for no less than $25,000, claiming she was unable to have a relationship because of the embarrassment. She won!

4. Attack of the Green Slime

Attack of the Green Slime
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The green slime that was dumped on kids in "Double Dare" was called "GAK." Kids loved it, but later, it was discovered that the word was actually a slang term for narcotics.

5. Antisemitism in Rugrats

Antisemitism in Rugrats
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Being praised for showing a Jewish family as its main characters, the show "Rugrats" was also accused of antisemitism, portraying these characters with big noses and huge ears, which resembled the model of German anti-Jewish propaganda.

6. SpungeBoy SquarePants

SpungeBoy SquarePants
Photo: eskipaper.com
SpongeBob's original name was Sponge Boy, but thanks to some copyright problems, his creators had to look for a better alternative.

7. The Sponge Aquarium Presentation

The Sponge Aquarium Presentation
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Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of "SpongeBob SquarePants," presented his idea of the show to producers by bringing an aquarium with all the models of the characters inside it.

8. The First Gay Cartoon?

The First Gay Cartoon?
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Cat and dogs usually don't mix, right? These two characters live together and even sleep in the same bed, which is why many people believe that the show actually portrayed a gay couple.

9. Unusual Inspiration

Unusual Inspiration
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The lead singer from "Devo," Mark Mothersbaugh, was the inspiration for the character of Chuckie from "Rugrats."

10. Blue's Clues

Blue's Clues
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What we never knew as kids is that Steve Burns from "Blue's Clues" was actually an aspiring ian when he worked on the show.

11. Hollywood

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The hill on which Ren and Stimpy are usually shown living is actually a parody of Hollywood and all its glamor.
11 Awkward and Disturbing Nickelodeon Moments You Never Noticed as a Child
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