18 Amazing Then and Now Pics of The Addams Family Movie Cast

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Do you remember The Addams Family? You surely must have watched the two movies from the 90s if you didn't watch the original show from the 60s. I think the original show was better, but the movies were certainly entertaining and they had some great scenes and moments.

But did you know how long it's been since the movies were released? It's been more than 20 years! That makes me feel really old!

If you ever wondered how the cast of the film looks now, check out the pics below.

1. Wednesday Addams: Christina Ricci

Wednesday Addams: Christina Ricci
Photo: quotesgram.com
Christina Ricci was very young when she got the part of Wednesday Addams. How does she look today?

2. Christina Ricci Now

Christina Ricci Now
Photo: imgur.com
She has changed a lot! Christina Ricci is 37 years old now, she was a child star and she still stars in movies.

3. Uncle Fester Addams: Christopher Lloyd

Uncle Fester Addams: Christopher Lloyd
Photo: comicvine.gamespot.com
Everyone loved this character and Christopher Lloyd was simply perfect for the role of Uncle Fester.

4. Christopher Lloyd Now

Christopher Lloyd Now
Photo: republicbuzz.com
Without all the makeup and with some hair, Christopher Lloyd looks very different. But it looks like he hasn't changed much from his Doc Brown days from 'Back to the Future.'
18 Amazing Then and Now Pics of The Addams Family Movie Cast
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