25 Vilest People Since the Beginning of Time

Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Evil, often considered as supernatural and mystical, materialized through some of the most famous persons in the world history. Whether they were murderers, tyrants, criminals, rapists, they were always an inspiration for writers and filmmakers, some of them simply for their pure elegance and intellect, some for a total lack of moral standards, brutality and extreme ways of torturing and killing. Here are the nominees for the best villains in the human history...

1. Atilla the Hun

Atilla the Hun
Photo: image.stirileprotv.ro
Known as one of the biggest and most merciless invaders of Europe, this guy could never get enough of blood and gold... He even killed his own brother to enjoy 700 lbs of gold he got from Romans each year. What a badass gangsta!
25 Vilest People Since the Beginning of Time
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