Top 12 Murder Houses That Shocked America

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

The brutality of men seems to have no boundaries, and sometimes it can shock us by surpassing even the wildest fantasies and horror stories. Some of the most vicious murders in American history took place in these houses, and many of them haven't been unsolved to this day. Check out these 12 murder houses.

1. Gardette-Larprete House, New Orleans

Gardette-Larprete House, New Orleans
In the 1830s, a mysterious Turkish man rented this house. He was known as "The Sultan" and he used the house to hold parties with very strange guests and activities. One morning after one of these parties, a neighbor saw blood leaking through the door. All the guests were massacred, and "The Sultan" was buried alive. The case was never solved.
Top 12 Murder Houses That Shocked America
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