He Made His Own 3D Printed Braces and Saved Loads of Money (8 Pics)

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

Amos Dudley has possibly made a breakthrough in orthodontics. Being bothered by his crooked teeth, he decided to make 3D printed braces and saved a lot of money.

1. It All Began with the Crooked Teeth

It All Began with the Crooked Teeth
Photo: amosdudley.com
Amos is a 23-year-old design student at the New Jersey Institute for Technologies. He originally had braces while in high school but admits he neglected the upkeep. But later he became more self-conscious about his teeth and started this project. He felt bad for his crooked teeth who served him as a reminder for his neglection.

2. He Decided to Use Advanced Technology

He Decided to Use Advanced Technology
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After some research, Amos realised that the braces could be made with a 3D printer. He had access to this technology at the University.

3. 3D Replicator

3D Replicator
Photo: rebootingcomputing.org
Amos said that his motives were purely financial. Normal braces cost more than $8000, and this 3D printed version costs less than $60. Amos said he always felt like he was wasting his parent's money when he neglected his teeth.

4. Research

Photo: envisiontec.com
After a lot of research, Amos made a set of 12 braces which would help him correct his teeth. He documented the whole process on his blog and made his braces a part of his portfolio project for studies.

5. 3D Modeling

3D Modeling
Photo: sciencepart.com
The first thing he needed to do is to perfectly model his teeth, and after that to modify the braces, each set for his teeth correction.

6. The Advantages

The Advantages
Photo: amosdudley.com
He reported there was significantly less discomfort than with regular braces.

7. They're Almost Invisible

They're Almost Invisible
Photo: amosdudley.com
The braces are almost invisible and easy to wear.

8. The Results Are Fantastic

The Results Are Fantastic
Photo: amosdudley.com
After 16 weeks of wearing them, his teeth became significantly better. Though he doesn't consider going into business, this could be a great opportunity for those who can't afford expensive braces.
He Made His Own 3D Printed Braces and Saved Loads of Money (8 Pics)
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