13 Unexpected Facts You Never Knew About Burger King

Posted on May 04, 2016

Burger King has more than 13,000 restaurants around the world, and they make some delicious burgers. But, here are 13 interesting facts and things you never knew about the franchise. They will completely baffle you!

1. Crown Gold Card

Crown Gold Card
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This card is like having magic at your fingertips! If you have one, you can get unlimited free food at Burger King! However, only celebrities can get one.

2. Black Whopper

Black Whopper
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The black Whopper is certainly the weirdest menu item in Burger King. It's available during Halloween only.

3. Teaming up with McDonald's

Teaming up with McDonald's
Photo: today.com
Well, not exactly. Although Burger King suggested this cooperation, McDonald's rejected the idea of the "McWhopper."

4. The Whopper Sacrifice

The Whopper Sacrifice
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Burger King once made an offer to their customers on Facebook: if they were ready to delete 10 friends from their account, they would get a free Whopper.

5. Burger King Themed Wedding

Burger King Themed Wedding
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A couple got married on July 17, 2015, and they supplied the wedding with BK items and foods. In a turn of events, Burger King paid for all of the food and decorations. There were over 400 guests!

6. Food Service and Waiters

Food Service and Waiters
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Burger King actually introduced table service and waiters in 1992, but this only lasted for 3 months before the idea was abandoned.

7. Half Canadian

Half Canadian
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Burger King is not 100% American! The company merged with a Canadian chain of donut stores called Tim Hortons.

8. Offensive Ice Cream

Offensive Ice Cream
Photo: burgershakeclub.com
In 2005, Burger King's ice cream packaging was considered to be religiously offensive to Muslims due to the shape and the rotating cone of the plastic cup.

9. Whopper Burger Restaurant

Whopper Burger Restaurant
Photo: a.abcnews.go.com
There was a chain of restaurants in San Antonio named Whopper Burger, so when Burger King also opened their restaurants there, they couldn't use the "whopper" word in their menu and ads.

10. Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jack's
Photo: slappedham.com
In Australia, Burger King is called Hungry Jack's! You can't find it under Burger King's name anywhere!

11. BK Ham & Cheese, Frings, and the Suicide Burger

BK Ham & Cheese, Frings, and the Suicide Burger
Photo: ranker.com
These items are on the secret menu, and you can only order them in specific restaurants.

12. Fast Food and Elegance

Fast Food and Elegance
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Can you put these words together? Well, if you order the tasty flame-grilled burger, you can have it with some "whopper wine." But, you can only get this in Spain.

13. McDonald's Inspiration

McDonald's Inspiration
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Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns were the founders of Burger King. They said that the inspiration for BK came from a great time that they had at McDonald's.
13 Unexpected Facts You Never Knew About Burger King
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