These 10 People Died Seconds after Taking Their Last Selfie

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

In a world where people take hundreds of selfies a day, some people really go to extremes in order to get a creative picture that gets the most likes.

These 11 people were either extremely unlucky or just extremely stupid because they died just seconds after taking their last selfie. After you read their stories, you'll be more careful when it comes to taking selfies. Take a look.

1. A Polish Couple in Portugal

A Polish Couple in Portugal
A couple tried to take a selfie on the edge of a cliff in Portugal. Shortly after, they slipped, and they fell off! The cliff was really high, and they didn't even have a chance. The saddest thing is that their two children witnessed the terrible event.

2. While Driving

While Driving
Courtney Stanford crashed into a truck when she was taking a selfie in her car. The post was published on her social media account just moments before she died.

3. Bridge Selfie

Bridge Selfie
This girl was posing for the perfect selfie on the Puente de Triana bridge in Spain. Somehow, she thought that standing on the ledge would improve her photography skills. However, she lost her balance and fell 15 feet into the water. She died immediately.

4. Return of the Bridge Selfie

Return of the Bridge Selfie
Xenia Ignatyeva, aged 17, fell from a railroad bridge in St. Petersburg while taking a selfie. As she tried to rescue herself from the 30-foot fall, she grabbed onto some cables that were live wires and she tragically died.
These 10 People Died Seconds after Taking Their Last Selfie
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