These 10 People Did the Most Ridiculous Things after Winning the Lottery

Posted on Mar 07, 2016

Winning the lottery would be great, but you have to consider the risks. Your life could easily turn into a huge catastrophe and you could lose all your money. Sometimes, this happens because of other people, and sometimes it's because your own character.

1. Evelyn Adams Won $5.4 Million

Evelyn Adams Won $5.4 Million
Evelyn won the lottery twice in a row. First in 1985, and then again in 1986. But she gambled all of it away in Atlantic City. It was a mindless act, considering the fact that nowadays she lives in a trailer.

2. Robert Erb Won $25 Million

Robert Erb Won $25 Million
Robert graciously donated $1 million to fight for his beliefs. The only odd thing is that his cause was to legalize marijuana. At least, he used his money to stand up for his beliefs.

3. John Kutey Won $319 Million

John Kutey Won $319 Million
John shared his huge prize with 6 other people. This selfless act made him happy. He invested his money in building water parks all over the country.

4. Michael Carroll Won $15.4 Million

Michael Carroll Won $15.4 Million
Michael had always wanted to be rich, and a giant lottery check helped him. He wasn't able to keep his wealth, spending it all on the luxurious life that he desired. The money was blown on partying, cars and cocaine. Now, he's just another average Joe, without a penny in his pocket.

5. Janite Lee Won $18 Million

Janite Lee Won $18 Million
Janitee Lee was a South Korean immigrant who followed to her beliefs. She donated a substantial amount of her prize to multiple organizations. In the end, she lost all of it, but she still felt complete.

6. Jonathan Vargas Won $35 Million

Jonathan Vargas Won $35 Million
Jonathan had an investment plan! He made a wrestling show called Wrestlicious. It included women fighting in sexy outfits. Somehow, this genius concept managed to fail, and Jonathan lost all of his money.

7. Vivian Nicholson Won £3.03 Million

Vivian Nicholson Won £3.03 Million
Vivien loved being fabulous, so when she spent all of her fortune on new clothes, she went bankrupt. She was rich for a very short period of time.

8. Callie Rogers Won $3 Million

Callie Rogers Won $3 Million
Callie won the lottery when she was only 16 years old. She was in a relationship with a boy who was a bad influence. She spent it all on the extravagant gifts and pure enjoyment. Now, she is a struggling cleaning lady.

9. Bill Bob Harrell Jr. Won $31 Million

Bill Bob Harrell Jr. Won $31 Million
Bob spent his jackpot just like every decent American would. He bought a ranch, tons of real estate and expensive cars. Unfortunately, his family and friends turned against him and stole his money. In the end, he totally lost his mind and took his own life.

10. Denise Rossi Won $1.3 Million

Denise Rossi Won $1.3 Million
Denise decided to hide her wealth from her husband. She left him and ran away with the money, but eventually, the truth came out. Her ex-husband found out about the lottery jackpot and sued her for hiding the money. The court decided in favor of the husband and met his request. He was rich!
These 10 People Did the Most Ridiculous Things after Winning the Lottery
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