17 Brilliant Status Updates Posted by the Biggest Idiots of the Internet

Posted on Apr 06, 2016

The internet and all the new technology was meant to free us, but in recent times, it has become a hotbed of stupid people, awful comments, liars, and trolls.

However, once you see some of these posts, you will know that all the stupid stuff on the internet isn't so bad. In fact, seeing a dumb status update can make you feel much smarter and it will certainly make you laugh.

These people definitely shouldn't have updated their status. You will chuckle like never before!

1. “Distinguish” the Fire!

“Distinguish” the Fire!
I need one too. To put out the flames in my brain caused by this dumb status update.

2. Only 27 Months

Only 27 Months
Even if she's not pregnant, this girl needs to see a doctor...

3. Leaving America?

Leaving America?
How's the new country treating you? My god, how can somebody be so ignorant?

4. Barry the Hatchet

Barry the Hatchet
I hope it's not a metaphor and that he'll never come out of that hole.

5. The 'Apidimi' Girl

The 'Apidimi' Girl
I've seen this one before but it never gets old. Somebody needs to turn on autocorrect.

6. Which Restaurant Is He At?

Which Restaurant Is He At?
Because that sounds like a totally insane menu item.

7. It Looks Like Somebody Doesn't Understand Anything

It Looks Like Somebody Doesn't Understand Anything
LOL! I sincerely hope this person is trolling. Any other explanation would blow my mind.

8. Losing the 710

Losing the 710
I'd tell him those 710 caps are extremely rare and offer him my spare one for $150. I wouldn't even feel bad!

9. I'm Losing My Mind

I'm Losing My Mind
Here's yet another individual who desperately needs the help of autocorrect.

10. Family Matters

Family Matters
Wait. I had to read that twice. Keep that child away from this fool!

11. RIP Duck Face!

RIP Duck Face!
The hairdresser was having a bad day.

12. Back to the 90s with Quarter Roy

Back to the 90s with Quarter Roy
First off, it was more of an 80s trend. And as for 'quarter Roy,' I have no comment.

13. NFL Epiphany

NFL Epiphany
I can't... I just... OMG! You can't be serious!

14. It’s Melting!

It’s Melting!
Those are some serious tomato-melting skills. It's good that he corrected himself when he found out about the existence of ketchup.

15. 'Fourd' Time’s the Charm

'Fourd' Time’s the Charm
Lol indeed. People like these make me lose my faith in humanity.

16. All of Garden!

All of Garden!
Yes! Do me a solid, go to 'all of garden' and never return!

17. And the Winner

And the Winner
An electrician would make a fortune working for this guy. My head hurts from all the facepalming I did today...
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17 Brilliant Status Updates Posted by the Biggest Idiots of the Internet
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