Why Do Products Sold in Airports Have Such High Prices?

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

Flying can be enjoyable - you arrive fast to your desired place, you have a toilet in the plane, you can eat inside, drink, sleep... However, when you arrive at an airport or before you take off, you feel it - the urge to buy something. Some of you have to buy necessary stuff, while the others are just stocking up on stuff like crazy! So, before you walk into a duty-free store at an airport, find out below why airports have such high product prices.

1. Pricing

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Firstly, prices at airports are way higher than at regular shops and markets. This is true for many different products, such as goods in a duty-free shop, computers and gadgets, clothes, and even, food.

2. The Range of Prices

The Range of Prices
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They can be up to four times higher than at ordinary shops. It's a huge difference, you have to admit.

3. The Competition

The Competition
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There is less competition at the airports than in the cities. There aren't many places at the airport where you can buy the stuff you need, so the prices are higher.

4. Space Limitation

Space Limitation
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Since inventory is delivered in small packages, because of security, that means the delivery has to be done a few times, which means greater costs and more time spent on it.
Why Do Products Sold in Airports Have Such High Prices?
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