34 Weird, Crazy and Amazing Facts about Japan

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Japan is known for its strong tradition, but it is also known for being a pretty bizarre and crazy place. If you've ever watched one of those TV from Japan, you'll know what we're talking about!

Here is a collection of about this amazing nation and its people that will totally surprise you. They'll definitely convince you that Japan is awesome in so many ways and that it should be on your must-visit list!

1. Canned Food in Restaurants?

Canned Food in Restaurants?
Photo: mcha.jp
Yes, it can be a fancy dinner. Only in Japan!

2. Literacy Rate

Literacy Rate
Photo: cdn.quizzclub.com
And have you seen those letters? Japanese are incredibly disciplined and devoted to education. The literacy rate is almost 100%!

3. Karaoke

Photo: japantoday.com
The actual meaning of the word is "empty orchestra." And all the karaoke bars are full!

4. Adults Get Adopted in Japan

Adults Get Adopted in Japan
Photo: cdn.static-economist.com
Almost all of the adoptions in Japan are males between twenty and thirty in case the family doesn't have a son and wants to keep the family name alive.

5. Teeth Dyed Black

Teeth Dyed Black
Photo: ancient-origins.net
In medieval times, people used to think that white teeth were ugly, so Japanese women used a black dye on their teeth.

6. Melons

Photo: iheartjapan.ca
Melons are a luxury in Japan. Want to know how much they cost? $300 and more!

7. There Is a Suicide Forest in Japan

There Is a Suicide Forest in Japan
Photo: static.tudointeressante.com.br
Aokigahara is the second most popular place on the planet where people commit suicide, after San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

8. Falling Asleep at Work

Falling Asleep at Work
This is a sign that you are working long hours - sometimes 19 hour days - so napping is encouraged.

9. Some Men Never Leave Their Bedroom

Some Men Never Leave Their Bedroom
Photo: image.news.livedoor.com
Men with "hikikomori," which means withdrawn, keep to their rooms and refuse to go outside.

10. Crazy About Coffee

Crazy About Coffee
Photo: media.giphy.com
Japan imports around 85% of Jamaican coffee every year.

11. No Janitors in Schools

No Janitors in Schools
Photo: regex.info
Why? Well, the students have to clean their school.

12. Love Hotels for Couples

Love Hotels for Couples
Photo: i.dailymail.co.uk
Do you want some privacy? You can get any kind of privacy you need in numerous unique rooms.

13. Slurping Is Good

Slurping Is Good
Photo: img.taste.com.au
Are you enjoying your meal? If you want to let the chef know, slurping is a perfectly polite way to do it! Also, be as loud as you can.

14. You Have to Wear Special Shoes in the Bathroom

You Have to Wear Special Shoes in the Bathroom
Photo: oloxablog.com.br
Many bathrooms don't have a separate area for the shower, so the floor is often wet.

15. You Can Sleep in a Capsule

You Can Sleep in a Capsule
Photo: uniqhotels.com
This type of hotel is extremely popular in Japan. You can rent a small capsule and it's quite cheap. Some of them are even equipped with a small TV!

16. Passive Aggressive Bosses

Passive Aggressive Bosses
Photo: imgur.com
When they can't afford to pay you anymore, they'll purposefully give you the most boring tasks to make you quit on your own.

17. KFC Is the Christmas Food

KFC Is the Christmas Food
Photo: trv-checkin.s3-eu-central-1.amazonaws.com
On Christmas, foreigners visit KFC restaurants since whole chickens of turkeys aren't available.

18. Preparing Fugu Is a Real Art

Preparing Fugu Is a Real Art
Photo: kcpwindowonjapan.com
Chefs have to take more than a decade to learn how to prepare this poisonous blowfish. If it's not prepared correctly, its poison can kill people.

19. Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island
Photo: usingpeople.net
Okunoshima is an island inhabited by free-roaming rabbits. There are thousands of them!

20. Shortest Escalator Ever

Shortest Escalator Ever
Photo: gifsec.com
There are only five steps on this escalator. It's the shortest in the !

21. Oldest Company in History

Oldest Company in History
Photo: en.wikipedia.org
Kongō Gumi was established in 578 AD. This construction company finally closed down in 2017.

22. So Many Mountains

So Many Mountains
Photo: mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com
Around 70% of Japan is made up of mountainous areas.

23. The Constitution Was Changed after WWII

The Constitution Was Changed after WWII
Photo: lh3.googleusercontent.com
Japan outlawed war in article 9.

24. $1.8 Million for a Tuna Fish

$1.8 Million for a Tuna Fish
Photo: i.ytimg.com
A tuna weighing 593 pounds was auctioned off at a famous market for $1.8 million. It broke the record for the most expensive tuna fish ever sold.

25. Ever Seen These?

Ever Seen These?
Photo: hoax-slayer.com
You're probably familiar with these square watermelons from Japan, but what you don't know is that they are grown like that for practical reasons to save space in small fridges.

26. Runny Nose?

Runny Nose?
Photo: assets.japanisweird.com
This is just one of the many solutions for that problem. You can buy these strange devices in Japan.

27. Kit Kat Heaven

Kit Kat Heaven
Photo: telegraph.co.uk
If you're a Kit Kat fan, you should definitely head to Japan.

Many different flavors produced by Nestle can be found in Japan, including edamame, green tea, Hokkaido melon, cherry blossom, and wasabi.

28. Sleeping on a Train while Standing?

Sleeping on a Train while Standing?
Photo: japanisweird.com
Yes, there is a way to do that!

29. Solar Powered Lighter

Solar Powered Lighter
Photo: justsomething.co
This one is just totally classy!

30. Robot Server

Robot Server
Photo: shanghaidaily.com
Don't forget to tip them!

31. Having a Power Nap with the Name of Your Stop on the Helmet

Having a Power Nap with the Name of Your Stop on the Helmet
Photo: imgur.com
Who doesn't want one?

32. Slurping Is Great, but Messy Hair Isn't

Slurping Is Great, but Messy Hair Isn't
Photo: japanisweird.com
But there are things you can use to fix that problem.

33. Pachinko

Photo: telegraph.co.uk
This game is a mix of slot machines and pinball. You need to fire one ball, and if you aim perfectly, the machine will release more balls.

34. Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills
Photo: justsomething.co
No, he's not cleaning, he's just playing, right? Brilliant!
34 Weird, Crazy and Amazing Facts about Japan
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