12 Ways of Using Pickle Juice That Never Crossed Your Mind

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

It’s an everyday situation: you eat all the pickles from the jar and then throw the leftover juice away. Maybe you’ll reconsider that habit when you read these totally unexpected ways of using pickle juice.

1. Cocktail Ingredient

Cocktail Ingredient
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Let's begin with an exotic tip. Take the pickle juice that you've got left, make two shots of it and mix it with some ice and one shot of vodka. Add one pickle to start the party!

2. To Stop the Acid Reflux

To Stop the Acid Reflux
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The combination of honey, vinegar and cucumbers might save your stomach from the aches if you eat it before the regular meal.

3. Flavoring Your Cooking Masterpieces

Flavoring Your Cooking Masterpieces
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Pickle juice can replace the vinegar. Also, it can be used as an ingredient in a salad dressing mixed with yogurt and in poaching the fish.

4. Cleaning Tonic for Copper

Cleaning Tonic for Copper
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If you put some pickle juice on a rag or a sponge and then rub down your copper pieces, you'll discover the paradise of easy cleaning and make your objects shine as if they were entirely new!
12 Ways of Using Pickle Juice That Never Crossed Your Mind
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