12 Unexpected Cases of Product Recalls

Posted on May 17, 2016

Products are usually recalled due to their expiration date or defective nature. However, while some of it could be partially correct for some of the following products, the real reason they were recalled was entirely unexpected.

1. A Musical Album

A Musical Album
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The indie rock band Dinosaur Jr. released an album called Farm, but the European versions of the album had to be recalled because it was too loud. It wasn't the band's intention to make the album that noisy, as it became that way due to a musical software error.

2. A Collectible Baseball Card

A Collectible Baseball Card
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A baseball card of Billy Ripken was issued in 1989 and had to be quickly withdrawn because the baseball bat Ripken was carrying had the words "f**k face" written on it. However, the card quickly became rare and wanted collectible that even made the cards' prices rise.

3. Nike Shoes

Nike Shoes
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Nike's 1997 Air Max shoes had to be withdrawn because it offended Muslims. Those shoes had the "Air" logo look like flames, but it also resembled the Arabic writing for "Allah", their God.

4. Fitbit Force

Fitbit Force
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This workout tool got recalled in 2014 because it made over 10,000 of its users get rashes around wrists they were wearing the gear. Surprisingly, many of them still refuse to return the device, enduring the rashes it caused.

5. Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2
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DVD copies of Toy Story 2 were released in October 2000. However, copies coming from Costco had to be withdrawn because they mixed the kids' movie's video with the audio of High Fidelity, an adult romantic comedy featuring swearing.

6. Hair Dryers

Hair Dryers
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An investigation in 1979 has concluded that among all products containing deadly asbestos, only hair dryers hadn't yet been recalled, which caused a massive panic at the time and had the dryers immediately withdrawn.

7. An Arcade Game

An Arcade Game
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Arm Spirit was a 2007 arcade game that had the players wrestle a robotic arm featuring an anime character depiction on the game's screen. However, the game proved to be too strong, for three players broke their arms playing that game, and so it had to be recalled.

8. A Cookbook with Explosive Recipes

A Cookbook with Explosive Recipes
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Woman’s Day Crockery Cuisine was a cookbook released in 1978 that had a single recipe slip through the checking process and one of the recipes became dangerous due to a simple typo, as canned milk becomes explosive when not boiled in water.

9. Radioactive Powdered Milk

Radioactive Powdered Milk
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Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown occurred in 1986, and it had long-lasting consequences for a large portion of the world. Not long after that disaster, powdered milk in the Philippines was found to have been radioactive, and 200,000 cans of it had to be recalled.

10. Polio Vaccines

Polio Vaccines
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The Cutter Incident occurred in 1955 when the Cutter Laboratories released a polio vaccine containing a live sample of polio itself. The published samples killed ten children and made at least 200 paralyzed. This incident made the manufacturers more legally responsible.

11. Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Turkeys for Thanksgiving
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Over 70,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving were recalled in 1991 because they reeked awfully due to the high temperatures they were being roasted in causing them to rot and smell of sulfur.

12. Volkswagen's E-Golfs

Volkswagen's  E-Golfs
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It hasn't been long since the scandal about the Volkswagen's unethical gas emissions that another scandal occurred less than two months ago when 5,561 of Volkswagen's E-Golfs were recalled due to having electrical glitches causing sudden shutdowns.
12 Unexpected Cases of Product Recalls
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