10 Extremely Immoral, but Legal Things You Can Buy

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

There are things that money can buy that aren't illegal for purchase or possession, but if you saw them in a shop, they would definitely shock you. Here are some products that are unethical to the point that people will start avoiding you if they find out you bought them. Check out these shocking and shameful products and we hope you'll never buy anything like this.

1. Forged Winning Scratch-Off Tickets

Forged Winning Scratch-Off Tickets
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The only viable purpose of these forgeries is to play a practical joke on someone, making them think they've won, and crushing their dreams mercilessly.

2. White Phosphorus

White Phosphorus
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White phosphorus has been prohibited by the Geneva Convention for use in chemical warfare since it melts the skin when oxidized. However, it can still be used for smoke screens, but it's not so openly sold anymore.

3. Private Detective Services

Private Detective Services
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Services of a private detective are unethical for purchase because that's essentially hiring them to spy on someone, destroying their privacy.

4. Exotic and Endangered Plants and Animals

Exotic and Endangered Plants and Animals
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The Endangered Species Act forbids the sale of endangered species without a license that is quite easily ignored. The sales of endangered species are environmentally hostile and contribute to the extinction of many life forms.
10 Extremely Immoral, but Legal Things You Can Buy
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