The World Is Deceiving You in These 24 Sneaky Ways

Posted on Apr 27, 2016

In this day and age, consumerism and marketing can cause you to overlook the nature of the things you're paying for. Here are 24 deceiving "facts", scams, products, and business schemes that are deceiving you every single day.

1. The Horrible Truth about Baby Carrots

The Horrible Truth about Baby Carrots
Don't get fooled by these adorable tiny snacks. They're actually made from discarded old carrots which were too ugly to go on sale.

2. WebMD's Web of Lies

WebMD's Web of Lies
Don't trust the WebMD online service as a reliable source of medical information. For example, do not use the antibiotics for the common cold even if WebMD recommends them.

3. The HDMI Cable Scam

The HDMI Cable Scam
The difference between the "top notch" $200 HDMI cables and ones that cost $20 is incredibly small. Expensive HDMI cables do not improve the video quality. Get a cheap one instead.

4. Unreliable Eyewitnesses

Unreliable Eyewitnesses
Recent research and forensic techniques have proved that eyewitnesses might not be as reliable in court as we once thought they were. False memories can develop in our brains due to traumatic experiences.

5. Toothpaste Mafia

Toothpaste Mafia
The commercials instruct you to use way too much toothpaste while brushing. Don't get sucked into this scheme, use as little as the size of a pea to keep your teeth clean. The same can be said for many other bathroom supplies.

6. One Drug, Different Names, Different Prices

One Drug, Different Names, Different Prices
Don't get fooled into buying several different headache medicines. They are exactly the same! In fact, Excedrin Migraine, Extra Strength, and Menstrual Complete are only different by name and label.

7. The "Computer Virus" Anomaly

The "Computer Virus" Anomaly
You and your grandma might not be aware of recent "Microsoft" phone scams and online ads. If they call you and claim that you have a computer virus that needs to be fixed, just hang up. Ignore the online ads that tell you this, too.

8. The IRS Scam

The IRS Scam
Avoid all contact with "IRS" services that don't reach out to you via regular mail. These are the most common scams in the U.S.

9. Your Likes Are Meaningless

Your Likes Are Meaningless
You'll never see a dime from any of your "likes" on corporate Facebook pages. In fact, they are the ones making money.

10. Cow Tipping Is a Myth

Cow Tipping Is a Myth
Nobody can push a cow and have it land on the ground! This is just an urban legend.

11. The Gendered Razor Conspiracy

The Gendered Razor Conspiracy
All razors are created equal. Razors for ladies and men are different only in color, but ladies always have to pay more.

12. Packaged 100% Fruit Juice Is 100% Useless

Packaged 100% Fruit Juice Is 100% Useless
You should stay away from store-bought juice because it doesn't contain any natural fiber. It has way too much sugar, and without the fiber to break down the sugar, you will get fat.

13. Catching a Cold Outside

Catching a Cold Outside
The next time you want to skip school or work, use public transportation or go to crowded places indoors. They are virus incubators, as opposed to going outside with wet hair and attempting to get sick. You just can't catch a cold by going outside.

14. Your Slap Chop Is a Lie

Your Slap Chop Is a Lie
Don't trust the "as seen on TV" label. In fact, products that are sold directly through TV are often overpriced and extremely low in quality. You don't need another Slap Chop.

15. Social Web of Depression

Social Web of Depression
Numerous scientists and studies have shown yet again that social networks are bad for you. Being active on social networks will not only make you compare yourself to others all the time, but it will also lead to depression.

16. Sneaky Pyramid Schemes

Sneaky Pyramid Schemes
The top dogs of a pyramid scheme will always conceal the scheme from you. If they make you pay for memberships, you're not a partner but a regular customer.

17. Charity Can Be Another Word for Scam

Charity Can Be Another Word for Scam
You should be wary of charities that spend a lot of money on their marketing, appearance, and planning. If this is carefully outlined and revealed to you while they are trying to get a donation, stay away. Like the Wounded Warrior project, they could be trying to scam you!

18. Reality TV Paradox

Reality TV Paradox
You are watching trained actors who are executing professionally written and scripted lines to create the drama. This is not reality.

19. Tech Support Hates You

Tech Support Hates You
In fact, they'll charge you for just about anything. Hide their number from your parents and grandparents immediately!

20. Muscle Supplements Are a Rip-Off

Muscle Supplements Are a Rip-Off
Many supplements should be illegal, but they aren't. This is because the companies earn billions of dollars. In fact, only a few substances actually work, like creatine, which is branded with many different names and sold to millions of people.

21. You Don't Need a Cleanse

You Don't Need a Cleanse
It seems that these cleansers, and other products which eliminate the toxins from your body have no idea on how the digestive system works. Your body can eliminate its own toxins.

22. Cough Syrup Is Useless

Cough Syrup Is Useless
Studies have shown that these syrups just create a placebo effect and that they aren't effective in stopping your cough.

23. Diets Do Not Cure Cancer

Diets Do Not Cure Cancer
A whole food diet can improve your immune system, but it can do little against battling cancer.

24. Your University Is Practically Stealing from You

Your University Is Practically Stealing from You
Compulsory books, brochures and lab packets which cost 30 or more dollars actually cost about 10 cents to print.
The World Is Deceiving You in These 24 Sneaky Ways
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