SIZE MATTERS? Science Has The Final Word - This Is The Perfect Size!

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Does size really matter? New research by UC shows that it does.. and doesn't. Researches surveyed 75 women using printed 3D models showing different lengths and girths of male genitals in order to find out which suits them best. The answers will surprise you!

1. A Closer Look

A Closer Look
Researchers based the study on the findings of Swiss newspapers, which surveyed women on the attraction of male genitals. They found out that women are attracted to good looks of genitals in general and aren't paying that much attention to details.

2. The Choices

The Choices
Women participating in the study had an incredible choice of 33 3D printed models. Those were based on normal sizes of male genitals in the US.

3. The Physical Approach

The Physical Approach
3D printed models were designed to trigger physical memory and tactile feelings while they're thinking about male genitals. Because size is abstract, people often find it difficult to imagine proportions and sizes.

4. Surprising Results

Surprising Results
Studies yielded some surprising results - on one hand, women prefer larger sizes for one night stands. One theory suggests that's related to feeling of winning a trophy.

5. Bigger?

Even more surprising was that women prefer somewhat smaller male genitals in longer relationships - 6 inches on the average. Scientists are still debating why, but a theory states that women are more interested in emotional than physical relationships when in longer relationships.

6. Bigger, but How Much Bigger?

Bigger, but How Much Bigger?
The same theory states that women like above-average male genitalia, but are more attracted to circumference - girth over length!

7. Scientific Cause and Effect

Scientific Cause and Effect
Study showed that women care more about trust, reliable manhood and orgasm in long relationships; scientists proved that it's actually the intimacy that satisfies women, not the size of male genitalia.

8. Shock

Another shocking result: women link bigger male genitalia with sexually transmitted diseases! Scientists were baffled, but most women chose longer organs while they were guessing which ones transmit disease and infection.

9. The Problem of Comfort

The Problem of Comfort
During the debate regarding the attractiveness of male genitalia, based on a new study, scientists determined a link between bigger male genitalia and the sensation of uncomfortable. So far, women judged that pleasure is more important than size.

10. Debate Is Still Raging on

Debate Is Still Raging on
All in all, the most important result of this research was showing that women value psychological and emotional intimacy more than just size. So, does size matter? Perhaps... but not as much as emotions do!
SIZE MATTERS? Science Has The Final Word - This Is The Perfect Size!
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